What Can I Use Instead Of Prosciutto In Beef Wellington?

A sweet and salty ham known as prosciutto is often cut and consumed raw. There are two varieties of prosciutto: Crudo and Cotto. The former is typically cooked, while the latter is salty and served uncooked. Since prosciutto is a particularly savory product, it can be utilized in various foods, including beef wellington.

But what if you can’t find prosciutto for your beef wellington? Thankfully, there are a few top-notch prosciutto replacements you may use to get the same rich flavor and potent taste. Jamon Serrano, Ham, Culatello, Pancetta, Bacon, Beef Bresaola, Salami, Cheese, etc., are some of the most excellent prosciutto substitutes. Some of these choices are also fantastic if you don’t eat pork but still want something that tastes and feels like prosciutto.

Prosciutto Crudo Versus Prosciutto Cotto in Beef Wellington?

What Can I Use Instead Of Prosciutto In Beef Wellington

Italian dry-cured ham, known as prosciutto, is frequently thinly sliced and consumed raw. This type of ham is referred to as prosciutto Crudo in Italian, and it differs significantly from prosciutto Cotto or cooked ham.

It’s important to remember that prosciutto contains a fair amount of fat. Prosciutto typically has 3.5g of fat per ounce, with 1g of saturated fat. Saturated fat, regrettably, damages the human heart and raises “bad” cholesterol levels.

This is a significant factor in why people constantly search for the best prosciutto alternatives.

Let’s quickly review the most common substitutes for prosciutto.

Alternatives To Prosciutto

Jamón Serrano

What Can I Use Instead Of Prosciutto In Beef Wellington

Jamón serrano, commonly known as Serrano ham or Spanish ham, is a rich, dark cured meat that can be used in place of prosciutto in various recipes. It has a rich, nutty flavor and aroma.

But since it uses less salt throughout the lengthy, year-long curing process, jamón serrano does not taste as salty as prosciutto.

This cured meat has a distinct flavor that is less salty than prosciutto but potent enough to give your dish the taste it needs, thanks to its extended curing process and additional spices.

If you want to make any recipe that calls for prosciutto less salty without sacrificing flavor, use jamón serrano for the prosciutto. It can also be consumed alone or in combination with bread, cheese, fruit, vegetables, almonds, and fish.

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What Can I Use Instead Of Prosciutto In Beef Wellington

This is an excellent alternative because Italian cured meat is produced similarly to prosciutto. Contrary to prosciutto, which has some fat, culatello is a lean cut since it is taken straight from the thigh muscle.

Despite this, culatello has a strong flavor, so you only need a small amount to make a good dish. It has a particular flavor cured with salt, pepper, garlic, and dry white wine.

As an appetizer, culatello is delicious with cantaloupe and watermelon. You may also enjoy a rich, savory flavor by mixing it with cream and hard cheese on a charcuterie board, adding it to pasta, or sprinkling it on top of pizza or any other dish.


What Can I Use Instead Of Prosciutto In Beef Wellington

The food that tastes the most like prosciutto is ham. In reality, ham only refers to prosciutto in Italy; nevertheless, ham can refer to various goods elsewhere.

When paired with cheese and other components like honey-glazed vegetables, ham’s acidic, unique flavor can be enhanced.

Several types of ham can be used in place of prosciutto, including smoky ham, black forest ham seasoned with blueberries and garlic, and honey ham, which has a sweet flavor.

Ham has a more robust flavor than prosciutto, so you can use it in salads or sandwiches that require more salt.


What Can I Use Instead Of Prosciutto In Beef Wellington

Another alternative to prosciutto is bacon, which is edible, both raw and cooked. Bacon is a delicious, somewhat smokey variety of salt-cured hog flesh.

There are several kinds of bacon depending on the cut of pork, but thinly sliced smoked bacon works well as a prosciutto alternative in many recipes.

When eaten raw, bacon has a flavor similar to a fattier version of prosciutto. It can make various dishes, including savory ones, sweet ones, and desserts. The texture of bacon and prosciutto are incredibly similar.


What Can I Use Instead Of Prosciutto In Beef Wellington

Italian bacon is another name for the salt-cured flesh of pork belly known as pancetta. Although it lacks the smokey flavor of bacon, pancetta has a similar flavor.

It is an excellent alternative to prosciutto in situations where you want to add a hint of acidic and robust flavor because it has a comparable savory flavor. Pancetta can be finely sliced and added to enhance the taste of a salad, pizza, or filling.

Since pancetta is slightly cured, it cannot be consumed raw; in contrast to prosciutto, which is salt-cured and air-dried, pancetta requires cooking before consumption.

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Therefore, pancetta must be cooked first and let to cool before adding to the other ingredients in a salad or cold sandwich.


What Can I Use Instead Of Prosciutto In Beef Wellington

Although prosciutto is generally prepared from pork, you can also obtain salami produced from beef or chicken that can be used in place of prosciutto. Like prosciutto in style, salami is an air-dried cured meat from Italy composed of fermented sausages.

Salami is a fantastic complement to any recipe because of the flavor of the fermented sausages and the spices used in the curing process.

Salami comes in various flavors, including sweet, savory, and spicy. So, when substituting salami for prosciutto, choose the right one so that your dish tastes are enhanced.

Beef Bresaola

What Can I Use Instead Of Prosciutto In Beef Wellington

Italian air-dried meat known as “beef bresaola” is cured for about two months, turning dark red and developing a sweet, musty, and faintly nutty flavor. Compared to prosciutto, bresaola has a softer flavor and a more delicate cut. If a recipe asks for prosciutto and you don’t like pork or can’t eat it for any other reason, you can use beef bresaola as an excellent non-pork replacement.

Cheese, crackers, and arugula or other greens are frequently served with bresaola, which is typically cooled and drizzled with olive oil. Additionally, you can top a pizza with it or use it as a sauce ingredient.

Prosciutto de duck

What Can I Use Instead Of Prosciutto In Beef Wellington

Like pork prosciutto, duck prosciutto is made from a salt-cured duck. Although no pig is used to make duck prosciutto, the meat can have a little smoky flavor.

Cured duck breast can be eaten with crackers or used in sandwiches when thinly sliced like prosciutto. It has a strong flavor with other sweet components like fig chutney, pickled raisins, and cherry preserves.

Any dish can be improved by adding a tiny bit of duck prosciutto. To add more taste and richness to a salad or dish, duck prosciutto can be cut into little pieces and sprinkled on top.


What Can I Use Instead Of Prosciutto In Beef Wellington

Cheese can be served with toast and crackers as a delectable prosciutto substitute. A hard-aged cheese, such as Romano, Swiss, or asiago, can be used in place of prosciutto to provide a dish’s robust flavor that pairs well with other ingredients.

Prosciutto can most effectively be replaced with cheese in an appetizer. Enjoy it with a cracker and a slice of your preferred cheese; you can also serve it with some melon.

Cheese is a versatile food that can be used to enhance the flavor of salads and pasta meals.

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Toasted Nuts

What Can I Use Instead Of Prosciutto In Beef Wellington

You can use toasted almonds or walnuts in place of prosciutto if you’re vegan or vegetarian. When salted and toasted, these nuts add a distinctive flavor to foods like risotto, pasta, and salads. You can give your nuts paprika for extra flavor. Additionally, you can top your pizza with toasted almonds or serve it with cheese on a cheese plate.


What Can I Use Instead Of Prosciutto In Beef Wellington

Because they have a strong umami flavor, mushrooms can be used as a vegan or vegetarian alternative to prosciutto. A richness and distinctive flavor can be added to any baked dish in place of prosciutto by substituting mushrooms and cooking them until caramelized.

Due to their rich, meaty texture, portobello and shiitake mushrooms are typically used in baked dishes. If the appropriate seasoning is added, substituting mushrooms for prosciutto in pasta, pizza, or salad will harmonize the dish’s flavors.

Related Questions and Answers

Can you eat prosciutto raw?

Dry-cured prosciutto can be consumed raw, but only the Crudo variety. The other sort of prosciutto (Cotto), a smoked and raw ham, cannot be consumed uncooked.

Is the prosciutto odor unpleasant?

Prosciutto shouldn’t smell awful; it should have a smoky, salty, and somewhat sweet aroma.

Are Serrano ham and prosciutto similar?

Yes, Serrano ham and Italian prosciutto are incredibly similar. The main distinction is that landrace white pigs, a particular pig breed, are typically used to produce serrano ham.

What distinguishes prosciutto from culatello?

Both prosciutto and culatello are produced from adult pigs born and bred in north-central Italy. On the other hand, Culatello is created exclusively from the thigh muscles, while prosciutto is made from minor amounts of rind and fat, and the bone gives it its distinctive shape.


If you’re looking for prosciutto alternatives, several options offer the same flavor or a flavor that is somewhat different with a texture comparable to prosciutto. Jamón serrano is the closest equivalent for prosciutto and may be used in practically every dish.

Although some of these substitutes might not have the same saltiness as prosciutto, you can still get the same savory flavor as you would with prosciutto by seasoning the meal a little more.

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