Vegan Substitutes For Italian Sausage. Try These Options!

You could miss sausage if you’ve given up eating meat. Who could blame you, though? It ranks with some of our favorite dishes, like subs, pizza, and tacos. Fortunately, you won’t miss it very long because it’s not challenging to discover a delicious vegetarian alternative to sausage.

Nowadays, it’s easy to find sausages made from plants. You have a variety of selections from the store you can select from, or you can make your own. You can make a vegetarian sausage from home using some fantastic vegetable combinations. Other than that, you can always rely on old standbys like seitan, tofu, and chickpeas. Check out all your options below.

Why Choose a Vegan Substitute for Sausage?

You might be looking for a fantastic vegan sausage alternative for several reasons. You might want to save time, improve your health, or protect the environment.

Real meat requires longer to cook since you need to reach a specific temperature or tenderize a tough cut. When dealing with plant-based meat, you should not be concerned about any of that.

Vegan Substitute For Italian Sausage

Additionally, consuming processed meats like sausages is significantly associated with a higher risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. The vegan substitutes’ protein and taste are provided without using growth hormones.

Last but not least, consuming less meat, in general, is one of the best methods to lessen your influence on the environment. Deforestation, air pollution, and water pollution result from raising animals for sustenance. The most significant contributor to global warming is the meat sector.

What Is A Vegan Sausage Made Of?

My vegan sausage’s primary component is essential wheat gluten. The protein taken out of wheat flour is called vital wheat gluten. To increase the dough’s elastic properties, gluten is frequently added to yeast bread recipes. When combined with wet substances, it is sold as a powder that turns stretchable and cooks with a highly meat-like consistency.

Although vital wheat gluten doesn’t have much flavor, the correct additions can transform it into something that tastes like other meat items. Even meat eaters will enjoy the dish’s flavor thanks to the liquid smoke, fennel seeds, and other delectable ingredients.

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Are Vegan Italian Sausages Healthy?

Anyone who appreciates the flavor and texture of vegan meat substitutes and new vegans who miss eating regular meals will love this recipe. Compared to sausages made from animal products, these sausages are far healthier. They are healthier than most store-bought vegan alternatives because they don’t include oil and are manufactured from plant-based ingredients.

What’s a Good Vegan Substitute for Sausage?

Plant-based sausages have been around for a while, just like plant-based patties. This means that your selections appear fantastic in both the handcrafted and ready-made sections.

Although making vegan sausages from scratch may take a bit longer than buying them at the store, the effort will be worth it. The secret to a good sausage is the combination of spices, so when looking for a suitable replacement, opt for items that can be quickly and readily flavored.

On the other hand, choose components that are easier to form if you want your vegan sausage to resemble the real thing. Let’s look at my suggested vegetarian sausage alternatives.


Vegan Substitute For Italian Sausage

You’ve probably heard about seitan if you’ve looked into veganism. It is a widely used meat alternative produced from essential wheat gluten. You can prepare it yourself or get it from a store, much like vegan sausages. Starch is taken out of wheat flour to create a seitan.

The resulting bulk can create various types of meat for different dishes. Since gluten gives sausages a meaty texture and mouthfeel, seitan is a great alternative. Add your preferred seasoning blend to get the familiar flavor, and you’re ready to go. Seitan is popular because it contains a lot of protein and a few carbs.

However, it might not be a viable alternative if you have a gluten-related condition. Consider the following other plant-based options in this situation. I adore seitan because you can use it with the appropriate flavor to replace practically any animal product. Even making vegan chicken liver using it is possible.


Vegan Substitute For Italian Sausage

Another highly versatile vegan ingredient is tofu. It has taken the role of meat and other animal-based proteins and is the ideal vegan alternative to sausage. The sausage is all about the seasoning. Tofu is renowned for having a bland flavor and absorbing the flavors of other ingredients when cooked.

You may have all the flavor and protein but none of the fat with the appropriate seasonings. When using tofu, a crumbled sausage is the simplest to prepare, although many other recipes call for vegan sausages of different varieties.

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Vegan Substitute For Italian Sausage

Another essential component in vegan kitchens is chickpeas. They absorb the flavor of the food you are preparing, much like tofu, which makes them the ideal ingredient for vegan sausages. Remember that chickpeas won’t form a sausage shape, so stick to a crumbled sausage instead.

Veggie Combinations

Vegan Substitute For Italian Sausage

It’s pretty easy to make a sausage because everything is grounded, unlike other meat cuts or textures that are more complicated, such as steaks and pulled pigs. This implies that a range of vegetable concoctions can work. White beans, in particular, are used in the majority of recipes.

Sausages are a delicious and adaptable vegan meat substitute that also includes mushrooms. You may also choose pepper or black-eyed peas, depending on your preferences.

Pre-Made Vegetarian Substitute for Sausage

Vegan Substitutes For Italian Sausage. Try These Options!

The good news is that vegan sausages are just as varied in shape as meat-based ones. Additionally, flavors and spices vary significantly from product to product, so you can choose what you prefer. Local grocery stores are getting more accessible, and easier to obtain vegan meat replacements. They are typically found in the freezer aisles or the chilled health food areas.

Recently, certain goods from businesses like Beyond Meat have even been spotted on the meat aisle. Speaking of Beyond Meat, they have a variety of Italian sausages, a Brat original, and breakfast sausages. They are free of GMOs, soy, and gluten. The sausages are also plant-based, making them an excellent option for vegans and vegetarians. Field Roast is a fantastic alternative for pre-made vegan sausages. 

They have a large selection of bratwursts, frankfurters, and breakfast sausage patties, among other sorts and flavors. Additionally, the producer employs conventional sausage-making techniques, resulting in a flavor and texture that can fool even meat enthusiasts. Check out Impossible Foods as well. They provide savory and spicy ground sausage and patties, both of which are delectable.

Vegetarian Substitute for Italian Sausage

There is also a convenient prepared option if you have a specific craving for Italian sausage.


Vegan Substitute For Italian Sausage

Tofurky is the brand name for an American vegan alternative to turkey manufactured from organic tofu and wheat protein, commonly referred to as a meat analogue or, more specifically, tofurkey. A fantastic Italian sausage is available from Tofurky. Your spaghetti, soups, and sautés will taste better thanks to the flavorful basil and sweet sun-dried tomatoes.

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There are several great recipes for vegetarian Italian sausages that you can utilize if you feel crafty. They basically consist of white beans, black-eyed peas, and mushrooms, but the spice is what really makes it a suitable replacement.

You may create a fantastic Italian feast by adding sun-dried tomatoes and freshly chopped basil.

Vegetarian Substitute for Andouille Sausage

Spicy and delicious is how people usually describe andouille sausage. The most common preparation method involves stuffing the pig’s intestine with pork and additional ingredients, including chile, onion, and garlic.

Mexican chorizo is a delicious fresh pork sausage spiced with garlic, chiles, and other herbs and spices. Mexican chorizo sausage, similar to the Spanish version but requires cooking, is available at many grocery stores with other fresh sausages.

Mexican chorizo is the next best thing if you can’t get your hands on an andouille sausage. Fortunately, there are several vegetarian chorizo substitutes.

Try Frieda’s Soyrizo first; it’s excellent soy and gluten-free sausage that goes well with anything. Abbot’s Butcher’s chorizo is another option that is a potent smoky and spicy substitute. You may use tofu to make the homemade andouille sausage.

You may easily experiment with spices to achieve the perfect flavor because it takes on the flavor of any flavor you add. The same as these delicious sausages, tofu may also be smoked.

Related Questions

Can gluten-free Italian sausage be made using this recipe?

This particular recipe cannot be made gluten-free because the main component of the sausage is gluten. However, several websites include gluten-free, vegan sausage recipes.

Can these sausages be frozen?

Yes! They work wonderfully when frozen. Before cooking them, when you’re ready to consume them, let them thaw in the fridge or at room temperature. They can be frozen for many months if you put them in a Ziploc freezer bag.

To Sum Up

Finding a convincing vegetarian sausage alternative isn’t too difficult because of its accommodating texture. The options I’ve given are everything a vegetarian sausage should be: hearty, healthful, and flavorful, whether you run to the store or make it yourself.

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