The Top 10 Substitutes For Paneer In Curry

Paneer is a must if you want to prepare Indian meals at home. But what if you don’t have any paneer on hand at the time or are unable to get any at your store? You can always find a different option, though.

Several kinds of cheese, including Feta cheese, Mozzarella cheese, Halloumi cheese, Queso Blanco, Cottage cheese, Panela cheese, Brie cheese, Ricotta cheese, and handmade paneer, can be used as alternatives for paneer. These cheeses can be substituted for paneer cheese at any moment; we’ll discuss them later.

The Best Substitutes For Paneer In Curry

Feta Cheese

Substitute For Paneer In Curry

When assembling a Greek cuisine, you must have this particular brand of cheese. Feta cheese works like paneer in salads, side dishes, and snacks. You could even create a ton more feta-based meals. Feta cheese is sheep’s milk that has aged four to six weeks. As the cheese ages, its texture becomes firmer, and its flavor becomes more intense and salty. It’s also known as pickled cheese.

This white, soft cheese contains microscopic holes and looks crumbly. It comes packaged in square cakes, although it is also sold in airtight jars, frequently without brine and already crumbled. Despite being more expensive than other types of traditional cheese, a little bit of Feta cheese goes a long way.

For the best flavor, let feta reach the same temperature as your room before using it in raw dishes like appetizers. On an appetizer platter, you can serve it with chunks of coarse bread, olives, and sliced meats. Additionally, you may combine it with a bit of lemon juice and olive oil to make a dip.


Substitute For Paneer In Curry


As a substitute for paneer, mozzarella performs admirably. This cheese, originally from Italy, is well-known for its milky, creamy flavor. The milk from a water buffalo is used to make this curd cheese, which is simple to slice.

Fresh mozzarella doesn’t require aging because it can be eaten immediately after it is made. While other types of paneer cheese retain their shape and makeup when warmed, mozzarella melts, making for a great pizza topping.

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Because mozzarella melts quickly when warmed, unlike paneer, it should only be used in thin slices with salads or sandwiches as a substitute for paneer.



Substitute For Paneer In Curry

Halloumi cheese is layered, whitish, and identical to mozzarella. This cheese holds its shape and becomes crispy and flavorful when broiled, making it a fantastic paneer substitute when grilling.

This cheese can be prepared by grilling, pan-frying, or thinly slicing it to add to salads. As a result, you can grill it in various ways without worrying that it will be damaged. It can also be eaten fresh; although it is an ancient cheese, it may be slightly salty.

Lamb, goat, or a combination of the two kinds of milk are used to make Halloumi. However, because the cheesemaker uses rennet to manufacture this cheese, if you’re a vegetarian, you need to be cautious with the variation of Halloumi when you buy it.

Once broiled, it would express its most true meaning as the process developed in its real enjoyment. Halloumi can be consumed by vegetarians since vegetarian rennet can be used in place of the traditional kind.

Mexican Queso Blanco


Substitute For Paneer In Curry

Paneer and queso Blanco are excellent alternatives. Like paneer, the Mexican cheese Blanco is simple to make at home since only two ingredients are needed: milk and an acidic substance like vinegar or lemon juice.

The milk used in making this cheese is either all cow’s milk or a combination of cow’s and goat’s milk. It loses some of its rough, crumbly structure but does not entirely dissolve when heated. Due to the composition of queso Blanco, you can grate it into salads or other dishes.

However, you can also eat it raw with a jar of fresh fruit. Mexican Queso Blanco is usually used as salad toppers due to its dense and crumbly nature, but you can just serve it with a bowl of fresh fruit.

Cottage Cheese


Substitute For Paneer In Curry

Cottage cheese is a fantastic substitute for paneer because it is a protein-rich, low-fat cheese. The milk used to make this cheese is nonfat, low-fat, or just plain milk. Keep in mind that cottage cheese has a higher sodium level than paneer cheese, so you may need to adjust the amount of salt you use in your recipe. 

The curds of pasteurized cow’s milk with various fat categories are processed to make cottage cheese. Depending on the type of curd used, it comes in various forms. Additionally, it can be found in cream, whipped, lactose-free brands, lower in sodium, and sodium-free.

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Panela Cheese


Substitute For Paneer In Curry

Fresh milk flavor and a fluffy, silky texture characterize panela cheese. Additionally, it is a suitable substitute for paneer because simmering does not cause it to lose its structure. This hard cheese blends well with many different meals and will soften but not completely dissolve. Typically, it is offered as an appetizer.

In addition to being used in soups and curries, panela can be baked or fried. When offered with a fried dish, it tastes good. This Mexican cheese with a typical basket form is sometimes known as “queso canasta” or, more commonly, “basket cheese.” This cottage cheese is a classy cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk.

Ricotta Cheese


Substitute For Paneer In Curry

Another fantastic substitution for paneer-based recipes is ricotta. A mild, grainy cheese with high calcium content, ricotta has lower salt content than other types of cheese. It melts rapidly and effectively. Therefore, you shouldn’t use it in soups or curries. You can replace the ricotta cheese with paneer if you’re making salads, sandwiches, or wraps.

This Italian cheese may be used in stuffings and desserts, making it flexible. Put vegetables in with it when stuffing pasta, like ravioli, for a delicious and harmonious flavor. It’s not an error, no. To make lasagna and other Italian casseroles, ricotta is frequently utilized. Like mascarpone in cheesecakes, it may also be combined with sugar, spices, and flavorings to recreate cannoli or layer a cake.

Extra Firm Tofu

Substitute For Paneer In Curry

Similar to how cheese is made, tofu is made by pressing curdled and compressed soybeans into slabs. It is a delicious and advantageous dairy-free substitute for paneer. When you unwrap tofu, you will find it absorbed in nigari, the fluid fraction obtained after salt is added to the water.

Nigari gives tofu its unique shape and content and contains more minerals than other ingredients. However, because organic tofu is healthier than different types, I advise you to get it. Tofu can be used instead of paneer in various dishes. You can use tofu in place of fried paneer in recipes for palak paneer, shahi paneer, paneer stir-fries, and other dishes.

Brie Cheese

Substitute For Paneer In Curry

Brie is a smooth, softened cheese that originated in France and is now made worldwide. It has a lovely and tasty white structure and a soft interior. Although goat’s milk can also be used to make brie, cow’s milk is the typical ingredient.

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Brie is a fantastic upgrade option for any cheeseboard and is best served at room temperature with fruit, nuts, baguette pieces, crackers, and/or cheese. It also works remarkably well with bread and fruit. It bakes superbly on its own or when wrapped in pastry.

Brie slabs or pieces can be used on pizzas, flatbreads, gratins, casseroles, sauces, paninis, and sandwiches with barbecued cheese.


Substitute For Paneer In Curry

French cheese Camembert was developed in Normandy. It is made from refined cow’s milk and has a delectable white mold rind prized for its smooth, delicate composition.

Some of the flavors associated with Camembert include fruity, milky, grassy, nutty, egg-like, garlicky, mushroom-like, and egg-like. The most acceptable way to enjoy Camembert is at room temperature with crackers, fruit, almonds, and bits of baguette.

Whether covered in pastry or not, it bakes effectively, and simmering Camembert results in a significantly harsher flavor than baking brie. Camembert chunks or bits can be used in gratins, casseroles, sauces, paninis, grilled cheese sandwiches, pizzas, and flatbreads. They can also be used directly on pizzas and flatbreads.

Related Questions and Answers

What materials makeup paneer?

Curdled milk is combined with a fruit or vegetable acid, such as lemon juice, to create paneer.

Are cheese and paneer interchangeable terms?

Cheese and paneer are not similar, no! The main difference between paneer and cheese is that cheese has more calories, fat, and protein. Besides, cheese and paneer are dairy products made from milk. A fresh cheese kind popular in Indian cuisine is known as paneer.

What flavor does paneer have?

Simply put, the flavor of paneer is mild and creamy.

How come paneer is so tasty?

Paneer is the go-to protein choice for gravies and curries because of its hardness. It contains fat and protein and these contribute to its great taste.

What negative impacts does paneer have?

Bloating, gas, diarrhea, and stomach pain are all possible side effects of paneer. Casein and whey, which make up most of the protein, can cause problems for people allergic to them.

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