Kitchenaid Dishwasher Clean Light Blinking? What To Do

After rinsing them, you’ve just finished putting the last filthy dishes in the dishwasher. Sadly, the drain cycle begins, pauses, and the device’s lights flash instead of the motor making a pleasant humming sound.

Your dishwasher may have power, water flow, or door locking issues if the Clean lights are blinking continuously. Only pressing the reset button will fix several bugs. The assistance of a qualified technician may be required for other issues.

You may go crazy if your Kitchenaid dishwasher blinking lights start up. These blinking lights are simply the machine’s way of communicating with you or your technician when it requires a little more attention.

What To Do If The Light On My KitchenAid Dishwasher Begins To Blink?

Blinking or flashing lights on a KitchenAid dishwasher is typically a problem. You can take the following steps to solve the issue:

Verify Any Power Outages

Kitchenaid Dishwasher Clean Light Blinking

The Start/Resume light will blink to indicate any interruptions to the cycle or start-up. The flashing could occur if the process runs with the door open or if there is a power interruption.

Make sure the door is closed firmly within three seconds of pressing Start/Resume. If the door is not closed correctly within that time, the Start/Resume light will flash, and the machine may even produce noise. The cycle won’t begin at this moment.

Verify That The Dishwasher Is Set To Start Slowly

The process indicator lights will flash continually if the door is not locked and the dishwasher is configured to start after a lag. Until you close the door, the countdown will not begin again.

Choosing the delay start option will cause the dishwasher to run later or during less busy hours. You can always add items to the load while the delay is counted. Once the things are inside, shut the door firmly, so it latches. You might stop the delay countdown if the door is not closed correctly.

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So, something you can try to do if you want to resolve the flashing light issue is to investigate if your dishwasher was unintentionally set on a delayed start.

Reset Dishwasher Control

Like a computer, the dishwasher’s control can occasionally be reset to correct issues. You need to unplug the dishwasher’s control panel for a while to reset it.

Wait a moment before plugging your dishwasher back in. If the dishwasher draws electricity from the breaker, shut it off at the house’s electrical panel for a minute prior to switching it back on.

Contact A Professional

You might need to contact a dishwasher repair service for help if the issue still exists. Any problem can be promptly resolved by an expert.

What Causes My Blinking Kitchenaid Dishwasher Clean Light?

An issue with the heating element is the most frequent cause of Clean light blinking. The part might be fractured, burned, or otherwise harmed.

If the Clean light on your dishwashing machine is quickly flashing and won’t turn off, it’s possible that the keypad or some circuits have shorted.

If the Clean light flashes repeatedly, your machine may have a wiring issue or a heating drive circuit issue.

Potential Remedies

 1. Reset Your Dishwasher First

Kitchenaid Dishwasher Clean Light Blinking

Hold the start button down for two to three seconds, then let go to reset your dishwasher. The washer will beep to let you know when it has been reset.

2. Change Out The Touchpad

Some buttons on your touchpad will function appropriately if broken, but others won’t. In this scenario, the touchpad will need to be changed. In some models, you may also need to change the control panel when replacing the touchpad.

3. Get Rid Of Foam Or Suds

The dishwashing machine can detect excessive froth or suds and stop operating. To remove extra suds or foam from your dishwasher, follow the steps outlined above.

What Causes Start Light On My Kitchenaid Dishwasher To Blink?

It’s uncommon to see a dishwasher’s Start light flash. You should pay attention to the underlying issue that is probably bothering you. Several problems could result in the Start light blinking, including the following:

  • Throughout the cycle, the door opened.
  • A cycle’s power is cut off.
  • When the machine is set to start slowly, the door is not latching
  • Possibility of excessive button pressing
  • The function of a child lock

Potential Solutions

You can follow the following process to identify and resolve the issue causing your machine’s Start light to blink:

Restart your dishwasher

You may have pressed the button too frequently if the cycle on your dishwasher won’t start. Depending on the model, the lights will glow for up to 1.5 minutes before stopping, allowing you to reconfigure your equipment.

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Once the start button has been depressed for two to three seconds, the reset feature will activate. Frequently, a buzzer sound assures that the reset function is presently operational.

Unfortunately, you can forget that patience is the easiest fix for a simple reset process while you’re upset about the problem. The reset feature, for starters, won’t operate when the lights are blinking. Your control board must process the orders you keep issuing by repeatedly pushing different buttons.

You must give the dishwasher enough time to process the command to stop the flashing lights. Press no more buttons after the lights have all turned off for a simple reset process. Your dishwashing machine ought to start up.

But what if the reset function is ineffective? Therefore, what do you do?

Disconnect your dishwasher’s power source for a while if you’ve tried to restart the device, but it still won’t work. Remove the plug, then re-plug it. If your machine is complexly wired into your electrical system, shut off the breaker at the electrical panel.

Restart the washer by turning it back on. A slightly ajar door or a missing plug could be the second culprit if these procedures don’t work. In addition, the device might be set to sleep or a kid lock.

Remove The Child Lock Feature

Kitchenaid Dishwasher Clean Light Blinking

The additional features of some models will be automatically disabled until the kid lock button is reset. Pressing the power or child lock button for a few seconds will disengage the child lock mechanism. Both the door lock and the blinking light will be released by this procedure. You can also follow your owner’s manual for instructions.

Disabling The Sleep Mode

Check whether the machine’s sleep mode is enabled if the kid lock safety feature is not the problem. Until the sleep mode light turns off, press the cancel or resume button per your model.

Verify the Delay Start Option

You can add items well before the washing cycle begins thanks to the delay start function, which schedules the machine’s operations to begin at a specific time. After adding everything, tightly shut the door. The cycle display will flash until you latch the door if your dishwasher has a lag start feature and an unlatched door.

Address Problems With Door Latches

The dishwasher will flash its buttons as a warning if it notices that your door is open. This is a persistent cause of the Start button flashing issue.

For instance, if you used brackets to install the top of your machine, they may have lifted the top frame, giving the machine the appearance that the door is open. You may fix the problem by simply unscrewing these brackets and mounting them from the side. If the door is fastened correctly, but the blinking problems continue, clean out the door latch on your machine.

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Consult a specialist if these troubleshooting steps fail to stop the Start button’s blinking lights.

What Causes Kitchenaid Dishwasher’s Washing Light Blinks?

Your dishwasher’s “Washing” light can blink because the water’s volume or temperature is off. It might also indicate too much foam or suds in the washbasin.

While the light is flashing, your washer won’t operate. The control panel of your device should be reset first. A quick reset can fix a problem brought on by either a surge or power outage. Use the suggestions below to determine what the issue might be if this straightforward procedure does not resolve it.

Prospective Remedies

1. Verify that the tub is filled with water

Before starting the wash cycle, check the water level in the tub and pay attention to the sound of the water flowing. In some dishwasher models, the water level must be sufficient to cover the heating element, necessitating a minimum depth of 1/4 inch.

2. Inspect the water supply valve

Kitchenaid Dishwasher Clean Light Blinking

Confirm that the water system valve is open if the tub is not receiving any water flow. The dishwasher’s input valve needs to be replaced even if the valve is working correctly.

 3. Check For Proper Installation

If your machine’s installation was done incorrectly, the Washing light could also flash continuously. The machine won’t have enough water volume to clean if its drain hose is sucking water from the tub.

4. Dispose of any extra foam or subs

Detergent should not be used excessively. Using the wrong cleaners or detergents could cause them to create suds or foam, which would impede the cleaning process. Use a plastic cup to scoop any suds or foam from your dishwasher. Run an empty cycle after draining the tub and removing the dishes to get rid of the surplus soap.

Final Reflections

Your dishwasher machine may simply require a reset if it fails to operate correctly when you press its button or blink in response. Your Clean buttons may occasionally flicker to indicate issues with the control panel, heating, or water flow.

It can also suggest that the door locks on your useful kitchen appliance are soiled or broken. To solve these problems, refer to the following troubleshooting advice; nevertheless, if your dishwasher requires expert assistance, call a specialist.

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