Instant Pot Stuck In Auto – What It Means

The Instant Pot is a multi-cooker that can be used for various tasks, including pressure cooking, cooking rice, making yogurt, steaming, sauteing, slow cooking, and reheating food. Instant Pots have become essential kitchen Appliances over the years. Most people can use them to make a flexible super without watching the stove. Instant Pot Stuck in Auto?


Instant Pot stuck in auto can be as a result of you trying to turn it off before completing its cooking cycle; if power gets interrupted and the Pot restart in the right way, it can also make instant pot stuck in auto. Continue reading to get all the necessary details about instant Pot stuck in auto.


What Does It Mean For Instant Pot Stuck In Auto?

Instant Pot stuck in the auto cooking mode because you might have attempted to switch it off before the cooking cycle, or there is a power interruption, and the Pot doesn’t restart properly. To reset it, you must unplug and replug your Pot if it is stuck in the auto setting. Press the “manual” button to choose a cooking time after it has restarted. Your Instant Pot will be released from the auto loop by doing this.


The “auto” option of the Instant Pot is one of its many features. This enables the Pot to cook food automatically without requiring you to go through how much water to add or how long to input for a specific recipe.


An Instant Pot’s auto mode was thoughtfully created to cook food at a specified pressure for a predetermined amount of time. The Pot will automatically release any remaining pressure and shut off when the timer reaches zero. By doing this, food that is overcooked or burned is prevented.


If the Pot is stuck on auto, it may be because the sensors are obstructed or dirty. Unplug the Instant Pot before using a soft cloth or brush to remove any dirt or debris from the sensors’ surface. You will need to remove anything obstructing the sensor with a toothpick or other sharp instrument, such as food buildup.

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If this fast cleaning task fails to restore your Instant Pot’s automated operation, one of its mechanical components may be damaged.

Why Does My Instant Pot Say Auto?

If your Instant Pot says “auto,” it’s in the mode where it will automatically adjust the cooking time and pressure based on what you’re trying to cook. So, the Instant Pot will automatically adjust for that if you’re making a dish that requires longer cooking time at a lower pressure. This function helps with rice and other grains where you cannot constantly monitor the water levels and need the device to take care of it.


The auto function on an instant pot is one of its most valuable features. It will automatically set the cooking time and temperature based on your cooking. This means you don’t have to worry about under or overcooking your food. Whether cooking a roast or a stew, the auto function takes all the guesswork from using an instant pot.


So if you’re looking for an easy way to make delicious, hassle-free meals, be sure to take advantage of this handy feature.


Benefits Of The Auto Function In The Instant Pot

The auto mode on your Instant Pot may help you with all your cooking needs, whether you want to quickly prepare a soup or stew or slow cook a roast.


The Pot will automatically adjust the cooking time and temperature based on what you are trying to cook when you use the auto function. This implies that the Pot will take care of everything for you, so you don’t have to worry about setting it up correctly.


Additionally, the auto function can be useful if you’re unsure how long to cook things. You won’t have to worry about the food being overcooked or undercooked because it will turn off on its own when it’s finished.


The Instant Pot’s versatility is amazing; it can operate as a yogurt, pressure, and slow cooker. You may even let go of worrying about the raw ingredients and cooking time for the majority of recipes when using this device with an auto feature.


For instance, to cook a pot of rice, you would need to add the rice and water, choose the “auto” setting, and then sit back and watch the rice cook. The “auto” function will automatically change the cooking time and temperature depending on what you are cooking. This eliminates all of the uncertainty involved in using an Instant Pot.


So, understand how to use the Instant Pot’s auto feature and unwind if you’re searching for a foolproof cooking method.

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The Top 5 Instant Pot Settings Buttons

In addition to the Rice setting, the Instant Pot provides several other buttons for creating delectable meals. The top 5 most important buttons are listed here, even though there are many settings, including soup/broth, beans/chili, Yogurt, poultry, Meat/Stew, multigrain, porridge, and Steam.


Though most models have comparable cooking settings and features, keep in mind that some have slightly different buttons. They are explained below;


Cooking Manual/Pressure

Depending on the model, the Instant Pot manual setting button will either say Pressure Cook or Manual. The ability to change the temperature, pressure, and desired pressure cooking duration is likely the most often used feature.


On some models, click the Pressure Cook button or Manual. Normal mode on High pressure with a 35-minute cooking time will be the default setting.

To lengthen or shorten the cooking time, press the [-] or [+] buttons.

Push the Pressure Level button to change the pressure level from low to high. Except for delicate foods like vegetables, it’s recommended to utilize high pressure for most recipes.



After pressure cooking with the lid open, the Sauté button is an excellent option for simmering or sautéing food. Its three temperature ranges are as follows:


  • It has a 320 to 349 degrees Fahrenheit (°F), considered “normal” for frequent sautéing or browning.

  • For browning or stir-frying, “more” is 347 to 410°F.

  • For simmering or thickening sauces, “less” is normally at 275°F.

Slow Cook

The non-pressure cooking mode known as “Slow Cook” performs the same functions as a slow cooker. Depending on the type of slow cooker, the temperature ranges for “Low,” “Medium,” and “High” are typically 190°F (low setting) to 300°F (high setting). In contrast, the Instant Pot’s Slow Cook has three settings: “Less,” “Normal,” and “More” temperatures.


Start Timer/Delay

To delay cooking, use the start Timer or Delay function. Setting the food to be ready at the desired time is incredibly helpful for working parents. For instance, you may prepare the ingredients the night before and set the button to start cooking when you arrive home from work.

However, bear in mind two factors when utilizing the Instant Pot’s timer feature:


  • This feature does not cover the Keep Warm, yogurt, air fryer, and Sauté programs.

  • To prevent bacteria growth, don’t leave anything uncooked or spoiled in the Instant Pot for an extended time.

Warm Up/Cancel

To maintain heat for serving, the Pot’s contents are kept at a low temperature using the Keep Warm option. For all Smart Programs, aside from Sauté and Yogurt, it will automatically turn on when the Instant Pot is finished cooking. It will remain on for a maximum of 10 hours before turning off on its own. You can press the button at any time to end the Keep Warm setting or to quickly turn off the Instant Pot.

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How Do I Fix A Stuck Instant Pot?

If your float valve is indeed stuck in the “up” position, food residue or debris may be the cause. Push down on the float valve gently using a large spoon or chopstick. Your Instant Pot possibly has problems sealing if your float valve is locked in the “down” position.


Why Does My Instant Pot Always Say Auto?

Since the Rice button is an Automated option, your Pot will read auto. If your model calls for it, don’t forget to set the valve to sealing as well according to the model you own. You could also observe that your Pot is set to low pressure.


How Long Can The Instant Pot Stays On Auto

For the chicken: The Pot is automatically set to high pressure for 15 minutes. For the rice: This is the only shortcut button that is entirely automatic. Based on the amount of liquid it detects in the Pot, it cooks at low pressure for however long is necessary.


Conclusion On Instant Pot Stuck In Auto

The temperature is one of the most crucial elements in food preparation, as any cook is aware. A dish might be ruined by using too much or too little heat, depending on how it is prepared. The Instant Pot is an electric pressure cooker with excellent temperature control that enables users to quickly and easily cook their food to perfection. The Instant Pot also offers an “auto” setting that automatically modifies the cooking time and temperature depending on the type of food being cooked.


It is therefore simple to use and eliminates cooking’s element of guessing. The Instant Pot will ease your life, whether you’re a seasoned cook or a novice so an instant pot stuck in auto isn’t that a bad thing, and you shouldn’t be worried about it because it can be easily handled.

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