Instant Pot Not Pressurizing But Counting Down – What To Do!

Instant pot not pressurizing but counting down? I’ve heard it so often. Everything appears to be in order; the valve is in the sealing position, and the Instant Pot is turned on, but it is just expanding steam. Do you start wondering what on earth is happening? Why won’t pressure build in your Instant Pot?


Do not forget that your Instant Pot won’t reach pressure right away. Your Instant Pot may take 5 to 30 minutes to reach pressure before displaying the cooking time. The amount of liquid in the pot and how full your Instant Pot is will determine how long it takes. Continue reading if you’ve waited the full 30 minutes and your Instant Pot’s timer has not begun to clock down.


Instant Pot Not Pressurizing But Counting Down- Reasons Why And What To Do

I’ve listed the reasons why your Instant Pot might not pressurize but count down below; All of these situations have happened to many people at one point or another, and you will likely encounter some of the same difficulties at some point as well. It’s just the price you pay for using an Instant Pot; it takes some getting used to. Therefore, before you throw your Instant Pot out in frustration, think about the most likely cause, and you’ll be prepared. Read on!


The Instant Pot Isn’t Filled With Enough Liquid.

All electric pressure cookers, including Instant Pots, use steam to create pressure. The liquid within your pot produces this steam as it circulates, and that steam is what generates the pressure required by your Instant Pot. It’s that easy—no liquid, no pressurization!


To fix this, switch on the Instant Pot and pour in an additional 1/2 to 1 cup of liquid. Additionally, while adding more liquid to the Instant Pot, do not stir any ingredients. One of the hardest things to not do is this because it just looks wrong in there.

The impulse to stir up must be resisted! When you’ve filled the Instant Pot with more liquid, firmly lock the cover in place and start the pressurization procedure once more.

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Ingredients Are Trapped At The Bottom Of The Pot

Let’s assume you’re browning some pork chops in some oil in your Instant Pot using the saute option. One of those chops, unknown to you, finds a way to partially cling to the base of the pot. Then you ask, “What happens?” The liquid circulation is impeded by the components adhering to the bottom of the Instant Pot when you try to pressurize it. Your Instant Pot won’t pressurize if the liquids in the pot aren’t moving around since no steam is produced.


To fix this, carefully remove the lid from the Instant Pot. Check to see if any ingredients are stuck to the bottom of the saucepan before gently stirring everything with a silicone or wooden spatula. If so, use the spatula to release their hold. Add just enough liquid to the saucepan to cover the bottom if there is no longer any in the bottom. Restart the pressurizing procedure at this point.


The Sauce Is Too Thick

So your Instant Pot is currently boiling a delicious meatball sauce. It looks and smells so fantastic that you decide it’s time to add the meatballs to the sauce, which should already be cooked if you’re adding them to the sauce, so you can combine the flavors as they pressurize for a few minutes.

The Instant Pot abruptly shuts off, and you get the dreaded “BURN” indicator on display. It just won’t pressurize, darn it! The delicious meatball sauce is simply too thick to circulate and create the steam that the Instant Pot needs to pressurize; that is why it shuts off.


To fix this, carefully unlock the cover and take it off, adding enough broth to thin down the sauce inside. Relock the lid of the Instant Pot and start the pressurization procedure once more. Your pot will almost immediately pressurize because the sauce is considerably thinner and likely still hot at this point. After the meatballs have finished cooking, gently toss the meatballs and sauce in the Instant Pot, release the pressure, and then carefully unlock and remove the cover.


Add some cornstarch slurry, which is created by mixing warm water and cornstarch in equal parts, to the saucepan and stir it in gradually to thicken the meatball sauce back to its delicious form. Use your Instant Pot’s saute setting to cook the sauce and meatballs until they have all beautifully thickened again.

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The Gasket Is Not Fitting Properly

You observe that steam appears to be leaking from the sides of the pot, near the cover, when your Instant Pot attempts to pressurize. This is probably due to gaps where the steam can escape in your gasket, which isn’t tightly sealed around the edge of the interior lid.


To fix this:

  1. Lift the lid of your Instant Pot after unlocking it, and then inspect the gasket on the inside edge of the lid. 

  2. If necessary, adjust the gasket to ensure that there are no gaps and that it fits securely around the edge of the lid. 

  3. Relock the Instant Pot’s lid to start the pressurizing process once more.

Steam Unexpectedly Erupting From the Pressure Release Knob As Instant Pot Attempts To Reach Pressure

This warning notices that the pressure release knob might not be in the proper sealing position. Additionally, as your Instant Pot goes old, it will probably start to leak some steam through the pressure release knob as it tries to build pressure. If so, the valve only needs to be slightly adjusted.


To fix this, initially, make sure the valve is turned to the indicator position that reads “sealing” rather than “venting”. If your Instant Pot is older and the pressure release knob is not in the right place, use a spoon to contact it from the side and gently adjust it. This can occasionally make it easier for the knob to slide into place on the back of the lid. If one of the reasons indicated above on this page isn’t the real problem, performing either one or both of these actions will almost always cause your Instant Pot to pressurize almost immediately.


The Instant Pot Is Already Full

Overfilling your Instant Pot by more than two-thirds can result in one of two tragic calamities:

  • It will not withstand pressure.

  • Alternatively, if the Instant Pot does pressurize (despite being overfilled), you’ll eventually end up with a mess.

You see, if your Instant Pot is overfilled and somehow manages to pressurize, you might end up spewing soup all over your kitchen when you use the quick release to let the pressure out.


To fix this, never fill your Instant Pot more than two-thirds full, especially when making soups or stews. An overfilled Instant Pot is a disaster waiting to happen.


Instant Pot Will Not Pressurize If It’s Dirty

Food crumbs can occasionally lodge themselves in places we simply didn’t notice. Your silicone sealing ring might need to be cleaned because it might contain debris. For the Instant Pot lid to lock into place, you might need to clean the surrounding area. The float valve or anti-block shield may also need to be cleaned. Your Instant Pot won’t reach pressure if there is any debris in an improper place. This safety function protects your Instant Pot from exploding. Before using, wash your slow cooker with soapy water and thoroughly dry it.

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Instant Pot Won’t Pressurize If You Don’t Follow The Instructions

One of the most frequent causes of an Instant Pot not reaching pressure is certainly this. People frequently believe there are no restrictions to follow because their Instant Pot is electric. This is the furthest thing from the truth. It’s even more crucial that you strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s directions because your Instant Pot is electric.


You should read the handbook for your Instant Pot first. It will specify the sort of accessories and amount of liquid required for pressure cooking in a particular model. Then use the pot following these guidelines. Your Instant Pot won’t reach pressure if you haven’t followed the directions. As a result, it is crucial to read your manual and adhere to the specific instructions for your pot.


You might need to get in touch with Instant Pot Customer Care if you’ve tried all of these fixes and nothing seems to be working. They will be able to assist you with problem-solving and are quite useful.


Conclusion On Instant Pot Not Pressurizing But Counting Down

Instant pot not pressurizing but counting down can be a frustrating thing, especially when you are in dire need of the pot. Using an instant pot can be fun as you don’t need to stress yourself much, and it can be frustrating when it has any issue. It’s still safe to say an instant pot is something everyone should have in their kitchen.


You don’t have to go through a lot of work to fix some of these problems, and you don’t need a professional to do that either because some of them are just minor issues. We hope we have been able to provide the answer to the above topic ” instant pot not pressurizing but counting down, and when you encounter this issue, you can fix things for yourself.

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