How to Make Homemade Hamburgers Stick Together

Burgers coming apart is a topic that is frequently brought up; what can be done to prevent this? However, you shouldn’t put an egg or anything else in them. So, the question is: how can hamburger patties be made to adhere to one another without using eggs?

Eggs contain a lot of protein. These proteins have a stretchiness that disappears when they are cooked. However, the help in holding the other ingredients together when they are raw is what prevents them from disintegrating. Because of this, eggs are used in all types of baking. Emulsifiers, which facilitate the mixing of liquids, are also present in egg yolks.

Because of this, they effectively maintain the ground beef’s juiciness. However, how can you bind hamburgers without using eggs? Is using a binder actually necessary? That is the critical question.

Making Hamburgers Without Egg That Stick Together?

Although breadcrumbs might be a possible binding agent for your patties, they actually don’t work. They actually aid in the meat’s ability to retain moisture. During the cooking process, they will retain moisture; however, as the meat rests, the water will be released. A burger has been known to be made juicier by doing this. Therefore, you might try this with ground meat with a higher lean-to-fat ratio.

To hold the meat fibers together, no fat is present at more excellent ratios, such as 90/10. Therefore, using a reduced lean-to-fat percentage for your patties will help them adhere together without using eggs. Your burgers won’t become crumbly if you do this, after all.

The Ideal Egg Substitutes For Burgers

The meat’s juiciness is due to its fat, which also preserves moisture in the beef to prevent crumbling. Too lean ground beef tends to crush or break apart when used. When using a slimmer cut, you can add bacon to the mixture to add the extra fat that will keep the dish from falling apart. However, unless you simply want to taste the bacon goodness, you may achieve the same result with a lesser ratio.

Additionally, if you don’t have a press like the Perfect Patty Shaperz, be careful not to overwork the meat when forming the patties. Overworking the meat will result in a dense burger that is also more prone to crumbling.

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Additionally, it is better to keep your meat cold before forming patties. This will aid in the creation of a burger that will hold together.

Do Extra Ingredients Cause the Burger to Fall Apart?

Your ground beef may become looser and more prone to crumbling if you add things like minced onion, Worcestershire, or chopped bacon. A meatloaf, not a burger, is produced by putting components into the beef. The additives should be preserved as accents outside the burger for your finished product.

Use items that don’t contain a lot of liquid if you genuinely want to blend something into the beef. Ingredients with liquid content, such as onions or mushrooms, might exacerbate the falling-apart problem.

If you decide to use sauces, mix in some breadcrumbs to help soak up some extra liquid. The moisture in the burger will be redistributed once it has been cooked and rested.

Additionally, you can add other meats, such as ground pork, to the burger to help bind the beef and give it a different flavor.

How Can You Hold Burgers Together Without Binders?

Ground beef with a minimum 80/20 ratio is the only way to make hamburger patties stick together without adding an egg or any other binding agent. When making your patties, beef with more fat should hold together better because fat aids in the natural critical process.

It will also keep your burgers together to refrigerate your hamburger patties after preparation and before cooking. When creating your patties, be careful not to overwork the meat. The hamburgers get denser and are more prone to breaking.

The Ideal Egg Substitutes For Burgers

Make your burger patties using a patty press. By simply doing this, you will touch the meat even less than if you were shaping the patties yourself, leading to a juicier burger. Utilizing your hands causes the meat to become somewhat goopy and more prone to crumbling.

After making your patties, chill them in the refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes before grilling or frying them in a pan. This makes it much easier to keep the patties together. Season your food well before cooking.

It would be necessary to use a binding agent if you were cooking burgers with additional components, such as onions, which contribute extra moisture (just don’t use too much, or you’ll end up with meatloaf).

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Burgers Made Without Eggs

If you want a binder in your meat but don’t want to use an egg, you can also use wheat flour, cracker crumbs, or even oats as an alternative. Gelatin, frequently used in baking, as well as guar or xanthan gums, can be employed more scientifically. Use a banana, applesauce, or ground flaxseed if you have a food allergy to something like eggs or gluten.

Bread Crumbs

The Ideal Egg Substitutes For Burgers

You will substitute bread crumbs for eggs in this technique. Bread crumbs have an adhesive nature, which is why this works. You need to sandwich a hamburger patty between two sheets of wax paper. Next, spread some bread crumbs over the waxed paper covering.

After that, firmly press the crumbs against the burger. Once you’ve covered the entire surface of the patty, repeat the process. The patty should now be placed on a plate. For each patty, repeat the same procedures.

Put the burgers back on the cookie sheets after you’re through, then bake them following the recipe’s instructions.

2. Flour

The Ideal Egg Substitutes For Burgers

Eggs are replaced with flour in this technique. Making tiny burgers is when it works best. Initially, form the burger into a ball. Then slowly flatten it until it is about half its initial thickness.

The burger should now be flour-dusted. Consistently coat both sides. Replicate the last action, placing the burger on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper. The baking period must be the same as before.


How can you prevent ground beef burgers from crumbling?

We’ll show you how to prevent ground beef burgers from disintegrating when cooking in this video. Make the burger into a ball, then slightly flatten it. The burger should be spread out on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. The burger should now spend 30 minutes in the freezer. The burger won’t shatter and will help freeze more effectively.

As the burger begins to lose its structure, you must act quickly. Remove the frozen hamburger from the freezer, then allow it to thaw thoroughly. Gently press down on the burger while it’s still cold. Transfer the burger to a chopping board as soon as it no longer retains any shape.

The burger should be divided into 4 equal portions using a sharp knife. On a parchment paper-lined cookie sheet, arrange the hamburger balls. Roll each piece once more into a ball. Re-flatten them and sprinkle them with flour.

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For 15 minutes, bake them at 400 °F. Cook them for a further 5 minutes or until done after flipping them over after 15 minutes. Serve right away after removing from the heat.

What can I do to prevent my hamburgers from crumbling?

Try chilling your burger patties before shaping them to maintain their shape during cooking. The frozen hamburger should be placed on a cutting board and lightly pressed. It was divided into four equal pieces. Each serving should be rolled back into balls.

Does Burger Binding Require Egg?

Burgers can be bound without using eggs by using breadcrumbs. Because they take up moisture from the meat and keep everything together, breadcrumbs are excellent. Crackers or cornflakes can also be crumbled and used. Simply combine the ingredients and continue mixing until a ball of the mixture forms. Then, form the dough ball into a burger by rolling the burger patty around it. The burger should be formed before being placed on a baking pan covered with parchment paper. For approximately 10 minutes, bake at 350°F. This technique works great if you’re preparing hamburgers or other ground beef dishes.


How can you make hamburger patties stick together without using eggs or other binding agents? The burgers will stay together because of the fat in the meat. However, if you choose ground beef with a lean-to-fat ratio of at least 80/20, you shouldn’t need to add anything to the meat to act as a binder for your burgers.

The meat won’t fall apart if you keep it cool during and after preparation. Finally, utilizing a press rather than manually making the patties will prevent the meat from becoming mushy and disintegrating. Use an egg, if possible, or another binding agent, such as flour, if you use a higher lean ratio.

If you haven’t already, consider making your burgers with a more excellent fat ratio. If you keep the meat cool and don’t handle it too much, you can still make a decent burger patty even if your lean percentage is higher. Please share your burger-eating experiences with us. We like hearing from you.

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