Franks Hot Sauce Substitute

Adding hot sauce to meals is practically automatic if someone likes spicy and hot flavors. The cayenne peppers used to make Frank’s RedHot make it one of the best hot sauces available. They also include vinegar, old spices, and aged garlic to make the genuine blend, which has been around since 1920.

Even though Franks hot sauce is widely available and found in virtually every home, some people do not have access to it. Frank’s hot sauce can be replaced with any of the abovementioned sauces. Tabasco sauce, sriracha sauce, and buffalo sauce—also known as buffalo wing sauce—can all be used.

While Frank’s hot sauce is still available today, it can occasionally be challenging to find, which is why we have some alternatives for your help. If you don’t have access to Frank’s hot sauce, there isn’t enough of it, or you just don’t like the sauce and would like some substitutes, this page will be beneficial.

Frank’s Red Hot Chili Powder Replacements

You might choose a high-quality chili powder or a chili powder blend if you want something to drizzle on top of the food. However, the chili powder tastes excellent when used sparingly because too much raw chili powder will be unpleasant. Cayenne pepper is another option because it has a similar heat level and is also simpler to find.

Many people combine chili powder, cayenne pepper, and paprika to enhance flavor and heat. Even though paprika is light, it still adds incredible flavor and spice to the dish if you don’t like cayenne pepper. Be careful to boost the amount of liquid in the dish to compensate for the liquid from the sauce.

Sambal Oelek

Franks Hot Sauce Substitute

In its simplest form, this is the chili paste, prepared from a mixture of salt, vinegar, chili peppers, and vinegar. It has a thicker texture than RedHot sauce but can be used as a substitute. It is a beautiful inclusion in cooking dishes. This paste is from Indonesia and has a straightforward yet tasty flavor. The best part about sambal oelek is that it comes prepackaged but is very simple to make at home.

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Franks Hot Sauce Substitute

A chili paste with various flavors and characteristics, is another alternative to Frank’s RedHot. It is created using a mixture of dried chili peppers, ancho, guajillo, caraway, cumin, coriander, and many more ingredients, all of which contribute to the dish’s complex yet delectable flavor.

To give an example, harissa has a flavor that is smokey, sweet, and sour. The most admirable aspect about harissa is how spicy it is without being overpowering. It is also utilized in Middle Eastern and North African dishes and has a strong fragrance on top of everything else. You can incorporate tomato juice or water to transform it into a sauce.


Franks Hot Sauce Substitute

This is essentially a fermented variation of the traditional Korean red chili paste. The main ingredients are chili powder, fermented soybean powder, glutinous rice, salt, and barley malt powder. It has a strong flavor. It also provides depth and a zingy taste to the recipes. Because of its sweet and sour flavor, gochujang can be used in glazes and cooking recipes.

Wing Sauce Made With Buffalo Sauce

Franks Hot Sauce Substitute

Hot sauce, melted butter, white vinegar (or maybe apple cider vinegar), Worcestershire sauce, and perhaps occasionally garlic are all ingredients in buffalo sauce.

It is extremely frequently used in numerous types of meals. The taste is also quite distinctive. The sweetness level of buffalo sauce is higher.

If you don’t like spice in your sauces or find it too spicy, you can use it as a hot sauce substitute. Since the hot sauce is a tiny component of buffalo sauce, they belong to the same family.

Wings, sandwiches, chips, varieties of mac & cheese, and occasionally chicken and rice are all prepared with buffalo sauce.

If you enjoy the initial flavor of buffalo wings but are a vegetarian or vegan, you may also make cauliflower wings using the sauce.

Sriracha Sauce

Franks Hot Sauce Substitute

Hot sauce can be successfully swapped out for sriracha sauce. It has been used extensively for a long time and has gained much notoriety among those with a relatively low spice tolerance. Despite having a different consistency than spicy sauce, Sriracha shares many of the same ingredients. Compared to Sriracha, hot sauce is more of a sauce.

The Huy Fong Food website claims that Sriracha is produced with sun-ripened chilies blended into a silky paste. Sugar, salt, garlic, and vinegar are among the additional ingredients. Additionally, it contains xanthan gum, a component that serves as a thickening or stabilizer.

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It serves as a binder and gives foods devoid of gluten or made without wheat flour the necessary structure. It is a common ingredient in many different types of food, particularly sauces and dressings.

But unlike Sriracha, which primarily relies on chilis for flavor, hot sauce has several components and is quite sour. It’s because vinegar is one of its other primary ingredients. When you taste the spicy sauce, a burst of heat and tart vinegar are experienced.

Vinegar has two purposes: it helps preserve the chili while enhancing the flavor of hot sauces through its savory interaction with heat. Most hot sauces sold in stores can be kept at room temperature.

Tabasco Sauce

Franks Hot Sauce Substitute

Compared to the spicy sauce, tabasco sauce is a very popular condiment with a comparable consistency. Because it is a sour, spicy sauce, it can also be used to make other sauces. It can be used to produce steak sauce or chipotle barbecue sauce, to add to barbecue sauce, or as a marinade for steaks.

Numerous dishes frequently include tabasco sauce. It can be used as a glaze or a dip on sandwiches, salads, burgers, pasta, and even french fries. Frank’s spicy sauce can be readily swapped out for tabasco sauce.

Louisiana Hot Sauce

Franks Hot Sauce Substitute

The gentle zing and rich flavor of Louisiana Hot Sauce are comparable to Frank’s Hot Sauce. Louisiana Hot Sauce’s creators claim that letting the peppers “age” in salt and vinegar makes the sauce more aromatic and evocative.

Like Frank’s Hot Sauce, Louisiana Hot Sauce is a preferred choice in the US. This means that you can easily find it on store shelves to replace Tabasco sauce whenever you need it.

Just be aware that using milder sauces like Louisiana Hot Sauce instead of Tabasco sauce won’t produce quite the same heat. The SHU value of this replacement is only 450.

Cholula Hot Sauce

Franks Hot Sauce Substitute

Mexicans love the flavorful Cholula Spicy Sauce, a famous hot sauce. While it shares many of Tabasco’s constituents, such as salt, pepper, and vinegar, it also has additional spices, like garlic. Arbol and Piquin are two spices that are utilized in Cholula.

It is 1,000 SHU hotter than Louisiana Hot Sauce and Frank’s Hot Sauce but less intense than regular Tabasco sauce. As a result, while Cholula Fiery Sauce isn’t quite as hot as Tabasco sauce, you can feel free to use a little extra when using it in place of that condiment.

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Valentino Spicy Sauce

Franks Hot Sauce Substitute

Valentina Spicy Sauce, like Cholula Hot Sauce, is promoted as a Mexican hot sauce and is made using peppers, salt, and vinegar in addition to a few other “spices” for good effect. Additionally, Valentina’s spicy sauce is a favorite, even though the spices aren’t listed on the corporate website.

In addition to being a little spicier than Cholula Hot Sauce (900 SHU for the original), consumers adore how Valencia Hot Sauce balances the heat with flavor. But since it isn’t nearly as intense as Tabasco Hot Sauces usually are, you can feel free to use a little more of the sauce when making a substitution for Tabasco. Despite this, we’re ready to wager that you’ll adore the Valentina flavor and that it might even become a mainstay in your hot sauces—it is in ours.


What else can I substitute for Frank’s spicy sauce?

You can use any other spicy sauce instead of the tabasco sauce, but not all hot sauces are made equal. There are gentler and more spicy hot sauces. A similar flavor and heat level to Tabasco can also be achieved by combining vinegar, salt, and cayenne or red pepper flakes.

Is Frank’s hot sauce and cayenne pepper sauce interchangeable?

In contrast to Tabasco sauce, cayenne pepper sauce is not the same thing. Cayenne sauces, such as Frank’s Hot sauce, are prepared with cayenne peppers, not tabasco peppers used to make tabasco sauce. The latter has a milder sauce, although both pepper kinds are equally spicy at 30,000–50,000 SHU.

Similar to Tabasco, is Frank’s Red Hot sauce?

Really depends on the kind of Frank’s Hot Hot Sauce you aim for. There are hotter versions of Frank’s Hot Sauce, but the Original only has 450 SHU, which isn’t quite as hot as Tabasco’s 2,500–5,000 SHU. Furthermore, Tabasco sauce, which many people like, is considered less delicious than Frank’s Hot Sauce.


We addressed the query, “What can I use instead of Frank’s Hot Sauce?” in this short post. And went through each sauce’s advantages and how it differed from the alternatives.

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