Electric Stove Popping Sound – Find Out!

On rare occasions, you might hear an electric stove popping sound when cooking. This is a common occurrence, and there are several potential causes. Here in this article are some suggestions to assist you in troubleshooting this issue. Continue reading to find out whether your electric stove tends to burst. 

There are various potential causes of electric stove popping sound. Your stove may make a popping sound if the openings have gathered too much dust or debris. If this is the case, you can clean the burner rings by lightly hitting them against a hard surface. The loosened dirt will dissipate. After this, if the popping sound continues, then you need to replace the stove.

Reasons For Electric Stove Popping Sound

Different things can cause electric stove popping sound, continue reading to know the possible cause of this problem.

Unnecessary Interference

Make it a habit never to touch the stove’s internal parts unless you’re cleaning it. But if you must clean it, make sure to properly place the burners to prevent any loosening. Most importantly, to prevent compatibility issues, always place each burner in its original location.


Things “made of iron” are at risk due to hygiene issues. When atmospheric air and water on a metal’s surface come into contact, rusting results. That implies that you only need to get rid of one of those items, or both. The only thing we can deal with is water. We can’t get rid of air because we can’t survive in a vacuum. After cleaning, keep the stove away from water and give it a good wipe down. Most importantly, don’t leave it outside because doing so makes it more challenging to prevent rust.

Stove Part Expansion

As you may know, stove parts are made of metal and experience thermal expansion when heated. Although the majority of stoves are made to keep the heat in the center, some let it spread to other areas of the appliance. Additionally, due to wear and tear, older stoves tend to distribute more heat to the other components. The parts expand and separate, making a popping sound. Such expansion is a sign that your stove needs to be replaced because it has served its purpose.

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Presence Of  Liquid Elements  

If you recently cleaned an electric stove with a liquid and it wasn’t dried thoroughly, it made a popping noise when you lit it up. If there is a lot of liquid in the ignition area, the stove may not light at all. It may take some time before the stove can ignite properly, but such a case is typically simple to detect and remedy. Either let the stove dry naturally or gently wipe the liquid off are options. Water and other liquids are less dangerous when they are present.

Dust In The Opening

When the burner orifices are blocked, it is common for an electric stove to make frightening popping or crackling noises. Only small amounts of fuel are released at a time when using an electric stove, which causes the popping sound. To solve this minor issue, brush the debris from the orifices with a small stick. Alternately, remove the burner ring and gently strike a hard surface with it. The removal of loose dirt and particles is simple.

Power Surge

Your stove may make a popping or crack sound if there is an abrupt increase in power. Too much power causes the metal to overheat and expand, just like in the case of heat. The risk of the stove exploding and setting the surrounding area on fire during power surges is particularly high. Make sure electricity flows smoothly to avoid a sudden increase in power. Make sure there are sufficient circuit breakers to control power as well.

Faulty Burners

Bad burners may delay ignition, resulting in a buildup and a popping sound from the cooking stove. Sometimes the burners won’t turn on, which can only spell trouble. The smart move would be to call the technician, but doing so won’t ensure your security while you wait. Before considering any other options, turn off the power from the main source to be safe. The stove can always be changed, but not before you’re certain the power is not the issue.

Issues With The Ignitor 

Another cause of that unpleasant noise coming from your stove is a bad ignitor. As with all other stove components, an ignitor ages and begins to act up. It might be challenging to identify when the ignitor needs to be replaced, but if you do, do it right away. As an alternative, make sure to get high-quality goods from a reliable vendor to prevent such issues.

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Best Electric Stove To Buy

Cooking is an inevitable task in our daily life and to greatly achieve food results we need terrific cooking appliances for the task. Read on to discover the best electric stove that can help ease your cooking.

CUIMAX 1800W Ceramic Double Hot Plate

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Proctor Silex 34106 Electric Single Burner

Due to its 1200 watts, this portable electric stove heats up quickly, it is perfect for easy travel and storage. It has a single burner which works on all types of cooking wares and the heat daily enables you to select the right temperature for every task you want to perform with it. It’s easy to clean, all you need to do is lift the coil after it cools down to have access to the plate and wipe away any messy drips.

What happens when A Stove Pops?

You might be confused when the electric stove on your kitchen counter pops. There is a small chance that your electric stove will inadvertently catch fire or explode, even though these appliances are powerful and convenient. 

But if your electric stove does make a popping or cracking sound, you should look into the issue. Some older models’ design flaws, including surface element welding, cause them to shake and pop during cooking. In some instances, the noise is brought on by thermal tension and expansion, which results in popping or sparking sounds.

An obstruction is another potential reason for the popping sound. This is because as your stove’s components are heated, they will expand. There are some exceptions, but most stoves will contain this heat to the center. Due to wear and tear, older stoves tend to lose more heat. A popping sound will be made by the parts that separate, which may mean that your stove is no longer functional.

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Why Is There Noise In My Electric Stove?

When you turn on or off your electric stove, you’ve probably heard a clicking sound. When the noise persists even after you have turned it off for a moment, it is annoying. There are times when the clicking sound is constant and seems to happen once every fifteen minutes. 

If the orifices are blocked, an electric stove may also make a popping sound. The stove will pop as buildup accumulates beneath the openings. Try scraping them off with a tiny stick to clean out the orifices. Another option is to try lightly tapping a hard surface with the burner ring. Unfastened dirt will wash off. Replace the igniter after cleaning the orifices.

Can An Electric Stove Explode?

There are numerous reasons why an electric stove could blow up. To prevent a possible fire, it is crucial to regularly examine the stove’s parts. Although it doesn’t happen frequently, an electric stove could blow up from a low-voltage bulb. You should get in touch with a service specialist for more testing and guidance if you think your electric stove isn’t working properly.

Additionally, some electric stoves tend to malfunction and turn off suddenly, a defective component, which may have been caused by excessive grease and spills. The stove may explode if neglected for an extended period.  Note that even though electric stoves are safer, a carbon monoxide detector is nevertheless advised for the kitchen.

Conclusion On Electric Stove Popping Sound

As was previously said, the electric stove popping sound is natural, but we must constantly be on guard. Numerous fatalities have already been brought on by kitchen equipment, particularly ones that use electricity. Never take anything out of the usual for granted to be safe because it could ultimately result in a loss of life and property. 

Most importantly, ensure to replace electric appliances when their lifespan is about to expire after a certain amount of time. Do not attempt to repair very old ones; only those that you believe will continue to serve you as before may be repaired. As a result, whenever your electric stove popping sound becomes frequent, it’s advisable to check it properly.

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