Electric Stove Making Noise When Off – How To Fix!

Stoves with electricity are useful and durable. If your electric Stove making noise when off, then you should be concerned. It’s unlikely that a normal stove will blow up or ignite your house. You can’t, however, take any chances. Before the worst happens, pay attention to the noises.

Electric stove making noise when off can be a result of the cooling systems which continue to function even after you turn the stove off. The cooling systems are operating behind the scenes to keep the stove cool if it is still making noise. The average time for this process is 20 minutes. Although something might be wrong if you hear loud buzzing, humming, or rattling. The fan blade is most likely damaged or flawed.

Causes Of Electric Stove Making Noise When Off

You need to know about the components of an electric stove to fully understand how it can generate noise. The components of your electric stove are as follows:

  • Burners 

  • Burner cap

  • Induction Cooktop

  • Control panel

  • Timer

  • Drip pan

  • Control knobs

  • Thermostat

The heating elements or units are the most crucial component of an electric stove. The heating element of an electric stove is made up of a coil or burner, a burner cover, and a drip pan. A manual control knob, a burner grate and a mechanical timer, are features of traditional electric stoves and even gas burners. The design of digital electric stoves is unique. Another factor is the brand of electric stove you use.


For instance, when turned off, the Wolf igniter continues to click, indicating that something in the control knob is preventing it from returning to its initial position. Verify that nothing is lodged inside of it and listen to see whether the clicking sound persists.

Troubleshooting For Common Electric Stove Noise

Buzzing Noise Coming From an Electric Stove

Traditional electric coils are seen in older electric stoves. The welding design of the heating element causes these burner coils to buzz, rattle, or vibrate as they heat up.

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Clicking Sound Coming From The Electric Stove

The hob’s clicking or ticking sound is normal. But if it starts to tick, it might be due to a flaw in the hob’s construction. The initial coil heating, which accelerates as the heat reacts with the cooktop’s metal surface, may also be the source of the ticking sound.

Popping Sounds

Your electric stove’s coils are constructed of metal. As a result, when something strikes the coil during cooking, the coils will begin to heat up and make a popping sound. Coils generally create noise when drawn to an opposite temperature since they are hot and cool down slowly. Before attempting to clean, let it cool.

Be careful not to spill food on the coils, especially when they are hot.

Buzzing Sound

When turning on your electric stove for the first time, you could hear a humming sound. The coils continue to burn while making this humming or buzzing noise.

There can be a problem with the coil or its connection to the hob if the buzzing sound intensifies and does not stop.

Sparkling Sounds

Your electric stove may be making a sparking noise if the wiring is loose or the heating components are broken. The heating element’s metal majority means that any unsecured connection could spark at any time.


A spark can be created in a matter of seconds by a damaged spark plug or electrode. Spark is dangerous and should not be attempted alone. Bring your electric stove in for repair or give a seasoned electrician a call.

Ticking Sounds

The internal settings of the switch may be the cause of the ticking noise coming from your electric stove. This indicates that there is an electrical issue with the controller button’s wiring. Check the electrical wiring of your stove and have a professional stove dealer or repairman make the necessary repairs. Avoid attempting to do it alone.

Signs You Need A New Stove

The first thing that comes to mind when we experience problems with one of our household appliances, such as an electric stove, is to call a repairman. You can take advantage of a free repair to fix your electric stove if it is still covered by warranty, especially if it is making strange noises.


If your electric stove is beyond repair, it’s time to part ways. We are giving you signals that you should start considering purchasing a new electric stove to replace the broken one, even though it is not obvious on your part given that you are not an expert in electrical matters.

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If you’ve tried using various outlets but your stove still won’t turn on, there may be a problem with the electrical circuit breaker or power supply.

If you have either of these two electrical problems;


  • Not heating or quick heating, have the knobs checked. It could be loose coils or coil failure if they are not the cause of non-heating or overheating. You should replace coils if they stop glowing red.

  • Countertops that are scorched: If you notice that the stove’s countertop is turning yellow, it means that the stove is having difficulties regulating the heat. This means the cooling fan is broken or the seal is old, and the device has to be replaced.

Best Electric Stove To Buy

Below are some of the best and most durable electric stoves to buy to help with your cooking.

Ovente Electric Double Coil Burner

Electric Stove Making Noise When Off - How To Fix!

This electric stove is equipped with a 6″ and 5.75 hot plate and a durable stainless steel heating tube. It heats up quickly and cooks food evenly. It’s durable, lightweight, easy to clean and maintains the desired temperature.


Electric Stove Making Noise When Off - How To Fix!


STULENG Electric Stove Portable 1300W Infrared Single Burner

Electric Stove Making Noise When Off - How To Fix!

With this electric stove, the cooking level can be improved due to the precise control of the temperature, it has a thermal efficiency of 85% faster than that of gas. Having this electric stove in your kitchen, you will have the freedom to cook whichever dish you want your way.


Electric Stove Making Noise When Off - How To Fix!


Why Is My Electric Stove Making A Popping Noise?

Popping noises are frequently connected to damaged electrical components. Check for ripped or frayed wire. Additionally, look out for burn stains. The appliance is arcing and sparking because of something. The electric stove is a powerful piece of equipment. A malfunction has the potential to ignite a fire or electrocute the user.


Switch off the stove and make a service call if you don’t have any previous experience with electrical appliances. Turn off the electricity at the breaker if you’re afraid to touch the stove. Popping sounds are unsettling. Some foods will pop when they are cooked. However, you should turn off the stove right once unless you are certain that the popping is caused by food.

How Long Does An Electric Cooktop’s Surface Remain Hot?

Depending on how many burners you use at once and for how long, your electric cooktop will need to cool down. If heating them takes ten minutes, cooling them down will take longer unless the heat is immediately reduced. If you believe the top has cooled enough to touch, you can wipe it down with a cold towel. The majority of electric stoves have lights that indicate when the burner is off.

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Is It Normal For An Electric Stove To Produce Noise?

When turned on or off, it might emit a slight clicking sound. As a result of internal controls or the heating and cooling of meat, certain electric stoves make a clicking sound when they heat up or cool down. However, if the stove is constantly clicking or makes a clicking noise at an odd hour, it could not be good news.

Why Is My Electric Stove Making A Clicking Noise?

The problem with the control relay cycling between the bake and broil components is what is causing the clicking sound. Another factor contributing to the issue is a misplaced burner cap. These appliances reportedly contain relay switches, motorized door latches, control boards, and other electronic parts that click as they operate. You don’t need to be concerned if the electric stove’s efficiency stays the same.

Conclusion On Electric Stove Making Noise When Off

Your daily existence is in jeopardy if you do nothing about your electric stove making noise when off. Depending on how often you prepare and eat during the day, cooking is not just a daily activity. Therefore, it is only normal for your electric stove to burn out from regular use.


Another reason why your stove might not be working properly and make strange noises when you cook and even when it is off is carelessness. Whatever the situation, if it cannot be fixed by the repairman, it is time to get a new electric stove to save money, time, and even your life


Enjoy your peace of mind when cooking knowing that you bought a brand-new appliance and secured your home from fire, saving a ton of money on unnecessary repairs. We hope we give the necessary information on this topic “Electric stove making noise when off”

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