Can You Substitute Velveeta For Cheez Whiz?

Even though the world of cooking is constantly being updated with fascinating new discoveries, some tried-and-true recipes never go out of style. One of those is Cheese Whiz, which has endured the test of time and has been displayed on pantry shelves for almost 70 years.

What would be the best Cheese Whiz alternative if you were to run out of this multipurpose seasoning? To replace Cheese Whiz, you can use other cheesy ingredients like Velveeta, provolone, or Easy Cheese. The ideal alternative is to choose a mature cheddar cheese as the base for a homemade sauce if you’re seeking an ingredient that tastes as much like Cheez Whiz as possible.

Your favorite recipe calls for Cheese Whiz, but your pantry is empty. Don’t worry; these alternatives will ensure that your dish still tastes great. Here are the top 9 alternatives to Cheese Whiz and some tips on how to use them.

Need A Cheese Whiz Replacement?

One of our guilty pleasures is Cheese (or Cheez) Whiz, although we know it’s probably not the healthiest choice. To introduce the flavor of cheese into homes, Cheez Whiz is a fake soft cheese product with a longer shelf life than the real thing. Although it has undergone numerous modifications since it was first created in the early 1950s, the fundamental idea has not changed.

Cheez Whiz, offered in glass jars, is variously referred to as cheese sauce, cheese spread, or cheese dip. Whatever you choose to name it, it is simply a cheesy-flavored thick, semi-liquid substance. Since even the maker Kraft has modified the spelling of the word “cheese” in the label, there are varying viewpoints on whether Cheez Whiz contains actual cheese. This uncertainty resulted from a change in the product’s manufacturing process that occurred years ago.

American cheese was included as an ingredient in the first cheese Whiz, created in 1953. Recently, the Cheez Whiz recipe was altered, and cheese was removed from the ingredient list.

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However, a Kraft spokeswoman confirmed that the recipe for Cheez Whiz did call for cheese. Due to legal changes that require the different components of cheese to be declared separately, it is no longer included as an ingredient.

The essential ingredients in cheese (milk and cheese culture) are listed on the label, as can be seen. The third-highest item on the list, Cheez Whiz, also has a lot of oil. This significantly increases the fat content, and a 2-tablespoon serving has 80 calories. It goes without saying that since Cheese Whiz is a highly processed and calorie-dense product, it should only be consumed in moderation.

What is the flavor of Cheese Whiz?

What else is in the flavor-packed sauce if Cheese Whiz is cheesy, as we now know to be the case? Knowing Cheez Whiz is heavily processed and filled with artificial components won’t come as a surprise. But many people are unaware that the primary flavors of Cheese Whiz derive from two widely used culinary seasonings: mustard and Worcestershire sauce.

These additions give this cheese spread quite a punch, converting it from a bland dish into the sauce we know and love today. Cheese Whiz is potent and flavorful because mustard and Worcester sauce perfectly enhance the cheesy flavor.

Cheez Whiz has a robust, well-seasoned cheddar cheese flavor in general. When cold, it has a very thick texture; however, after being cooked thoroughly, it becomes smooth and silky. The flavor of Cheese Whiz changes amazingly when heated! The fact that many individuals have only ever had this sauce cold is the reason why they don’t enjoy it.

Cold Cheez Whiz can be a little stodgy and dull, but the flavors become delicious and irresistible when cooked.

What Is The Purpose of Cheese Whiz?

When Cheese Whiz was first created, its American creators were looking for an easy way to replicate the Welsh rarebit, a traditional British meal. This well-liked winter warmer consists of a flavorful cheese sauce that has melted over hot bread.

Kraft created a cheesy sauce that was shelf-stable and could be used in various dishes, including the well-known Welsh snack. Many people mistakenly believe that Cheese Whiz can be used in place of homemade cheese sauce or melted cheese. Even though it can be used in both ways, many cooks love it as a standalone component.

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Can You Substitute Velveeta For Cheez Whiz?

This is because Cheez Whiz’s umami-rich flavor can be utilized to modify various foods, and a little bit goes a very long way. It can be used as a warm vegetable dip, placed on the buffet table, or spread onto crackers. It tastes great as a cheesy garnish on toast or grilled sandwiches.

Many discouraged parents turn to Cheese Whiz to encourage their kids to eat vegetables. A small amount of this flavorful sauce, drizzled over the top or offered as a warm dip on the side, will transform plain vegetables. Many family dinners might also include Cheese Whiz.

It may be used to produce potatoes au gratin that is incredibly simple to prepare, the best macaroni and cheese, shepherd’s pie’s creamy mashed potato topping, and more. Forget about the healthy options; Cheez Whiz shines when combined with hedonistic delights.

Philadelphia is known for its Cheese Whiz, often added as a garnish to the traditional Philly cheese steak sandwich. Any Philadelphian will tell you that it has taken the place of Swiss cheese as the preferred topping for this famous steak sandwich.

Serving the warmed sauce over hot French fries is another incredibly decadent way to enjoy Cheese Whiz. It will flow over the salty potato chips, producing the ideal flavor combination to safe even the heaviest cheese cravings for carbohydrates.

The 9 Best Cheese Whiz Alternatives

We need to consider what you can use to replace Cheese Whiz now that we’ve got you all enthusiastic about the cheesy flavoring. If your supply of Cheese Whiz has run out, don’t be discouraged—there are plenty of alternatives.

Here are the top 9 alternatives to Cheese Whiz:

1. Homemade Cheese Whiz

Can You Substitute Velveeta For Cheez Whiz?

If you want to quickly duplicate the genuine flavor of Cheese Whiz at home, just use a few essential ingredients! This substitution will function best when substituting Cheez Whiz for a sauce, such as macaroni cheese.

You only need mature cheddar cheese, mustard powder, and Worcester sauce to replicate the flavor of Cheese Whiz. Grate the cheese finely before incorporating it into the milky sauce base to prevent stringy lumps from forming in your homemade Cheese Whiz.

2. Old-fashioned Cheddar Cheese

Can You Substitute Velveeta For Cheez Whiz?

A slice of excellent mature cheddar cheese will taste just as delicious in a grilled cheese sandwich as Cheez Whiz and is highly comparable in flavor.

Make sure you choose mature cheddar; mild cheddar will lack Cheese Whiz’s strength.

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3. Velveeta Cheese

Can You Substitute Velveeta For Cheez Whiz?

Shelf-stable processed cheese developed by Kraft is called Velveeta. When heated, it is made to melt smoothly rather than form stringy lumps like real cheese.

Although it doesn’t have the same flavorings as Cheese Whiz, this alternative is excellent for preparing cheesy sauce.

To achieve the authentic Cheez Whiz flavor, you might wish to add more Worcestershire sauce or mustard powder.

4. Provolone Cheese



Can You Substitute Velveeta For Cheez Whiz?

Provolone cheese was the preferred cheese for the renowned Philly cheesesteak before Cheese Whiz became available.

This matured Italian stretched-curd semi-hard cheese melts beautifully over the mouth watering dripping meat and grilled onions.

5. Easy Cheese

Can You Substitute Velveeta For Cheez Whiz?

A processed cheese product can be sprayed onto food at the touch of a button. Cheese in a can is called Easy Cheese. Unlike Cheez Whiz, Easy Cheese may be consumed cold out of the container, making it the ideal topping for crudites, nachos, and crackers.

6. Cheddar Cheese Powder

Can You Substitute Velveeta For Cheez Whiz?

Finding a replacement that produces the same silky, smooth texture as Cheez Whiz might be challenging. However, a hefty tablespoon of cheddar cheese powder will give any sauce an incredibly cheesy flavor without creating the stringy lumps that occur when using real cheese.

7. Old English Cheese Spread

Can You Substitute Velveeta For Cheez Whiz?

Old English cheese spread, another Kraft product (these people know their cheese! ), is softer than Cheez Whiz and can be eaten cold. This makes it perfect for sandwiches with cheese spread and can also be used as a cold dip. Ideal for cold buffets and picnics!

8. Parmesan Cheese

Can You Substitute Velveeta For Cheez Whiz?

Because parmesan cheese has a strong flavor, you can use less of it in place of Cheez Whiz and get the same results. This is a better option because a bit of parmesan goes a long way.

9. A Vegan Version Of Queso Cheese

Can You Substitute Velveeta For Cheez Whiz?

Finding a decent Cheese Whiz replacement if you’re vegan or on a lactose-free diet can be a real challenge! Nevertheless, an excellent dairy-free substitute for Cheez Whiz can be a vegan cheese-style sauce.

It may be used for mashed potatoes or any other cheesy dish and will go great as a topping for toast or hot sandwiches.

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