Can You Plug A Toaster Oven Into An Extension Cord? Expert Reveals

Have you ever thought about plugging your toaster oven into an extension cord? Have you ever asked, “can you plug a toaster oven into an extension cord?” Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about connecting about plugging your toaster oven into an extension cord. Can you plug a toaster oven into an extension cord?


The majority of appliance manufacturers would advise against using any high wattage item on an extension cable. Therefore it is often best to err on the side of safety and say no. Theoretically, you can temporarily put a toaster oven into an extension cord if you are cautious while choosing the extension cord.


Can You Plug A Toaster Oven Into An Extension Cord?

No, a toaster oven cannot be connected to an extension cord. The amount of power a toaster oven uses is typically greater than what an extension cord can supply. The use of an extension cord with a toaster oven is not advised. An extension cord might not be able to supply the toaster oven with the power it needs to operate because they consume a lot of power.


Additionally, the lengthened extension cord can produce more resistance, resulting in the toaster oven overheating. If you must use an extension cable, be sure it is strong enough to support the toaster oven’s weight and only plug it into a wall outlet.


When there aren’t many outlets available, getting into the habit of plugging items into extension cords is simple. However, this approach can be risky because extension cables are not made to handle the high power draw of many common appliances. An extension cord can overheat and catch fire if it is loaded too heavily.


Due to their high power consumption and extreme heat, toaster ovens, in particular, can be dangerous. It’s usually advisable to plug them straight into a wall socket for this reason. You may help avoid fires and maintain the safety of your house by adhering to this straightforward safety step.


Blenders and coffee makers are examples of tiny kitchen appliances that can be plugged into an extension cord, but it’s always a good idea to check the appliance’s wattage rating to make sure it doesn’t exceed the extension cord’s wattage limit. If so, you’ll need to purchase an extension cord with a higher load rating.

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Is It Safe To Plug An Extension Cord Into A Toaster Oven?

Yes, as long as the extension cord’s electrical rating is at least as high as the appliance’s, using an extension cord with a toaster oven is completely safe, which is 1500 watts for most toaster ovens. To avoid overloading the extension cord, avoid plugging in too many gadgets or stretching it too far.


However, just because it is secure to rely on a high-quality extension cord doesn’t mean you have to. For electrically intensive culinary gadgets, it is always preferable to use wall outlets.


When it comes to appliances, it is crucial to carefully verify the electrical rating before plugging it into an extension cable. This is due to the possibility of an electrical fire if the cord’s electrical rating is insufficient.


For toaster ovens, the same holds. It is okay to plug a toaster oven into an extension cord, but only if the cord’s marked electrical rating is at least as high as the appliance’s electrical rating. Otherwise, you can endanger your house. Therefore, the next time you use an extension cord, be careful to verify the ratings again before plugging anything in.


How Can I Use My Toaster Oven And An Extension Cord Safely?

Can you plug a toaster oven into an extension cord? From the above, we all know it’s a two-way thing depending on how careful you are. Although it’s not a good idea to plug a toaster oven into the extension, if you must, you must proceed with caution.


Here are some guidelines you may apply to operate your toaster oven with an extension cord safely:


Use A Safe Wattage-Rated Extension Cord

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to extension cords. Because of this, it’s critical to get an extension cord rated for your toaster oven’s power. For the majority of countertop toaster ovens, this wattage is 1500W.


You run the danger of starting a fire if you use a cord that is not rated for the wattage of your toaster oven. The most incredible amount of electricity that an extension cord can support is indicated by its wattage rating. If you utilize more power than that, the cord can become overheated and catch fire.


Therefore, choose an extension cord for your toaster oven that is rated for the same amount of power as the appliance. This will allow you to use your toaster oven without being concerned about its security.


Choose The Correct Wire Gauge

A wire’s gauge essentially determines its size. It establishes the maximum electrical current that it is capable of carrying. The more current a cord can carry, the bigger, the better. You must therefore be aware of the amperage of your toaster oven while selecting the appropriate wire gauge.

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The American Gauge standard, sometimes known as the AWG standard, is the wire size standard in use in the United States. According to the maximum amount of current, each AWG gauge number can carry. A wire of 14 gauge can carry 15 amps of current, while a wire of 12 gauge can carry 20 amps.


One thing to keep in mind is that the numbering follows a norm that defies common sense. The wire size will be smaller and therefore have a reduced carrying capacity if the gauge number is higher.


Typically, a 14 or a 12-gauge wire is used for the majority of kitchen appliances. Why? This has to do with how most kitchen circuits are designed;

Circuits Design Of Kitchen

Considering that the majority of kitchens have 20 Amp circuit designs, an extension cord of 12 gauge would be ideal. The majority of American kitchens utilize 20 Amp circuit designs. To put it another way, a single kitchen circuit connected to a breaker in your main circuit breaker panel is 20 amps rated.


Therefore, the entire capacity of the single kitchen circuit would be satisfied by a 12 gauge extension cord. Although it would be excessive for the majority of home toaster ovens, you would still be safe.

However, a 12 gauge extension cord can be somewhat pricey, so you could settle for a 14 gauge extension cord depending on the amperage of your toaster oven.

Length Of The Cord

It should be mentioned that the length of the cord is important in addition to the wire gauge in this situation. You will need a larger wire gauge as the distance increases. To avoid using a larger gauge extension cord for the same amperage requirements, ensure the length of the extension cord is not excessively long.


Choose A Grounded Outlet

When connecting a toaster oven to an outlet, make sure the extension cord is plugged into a grounded outlet. By doing this, you give the electrical current a secure way to travel along if the toaster oven develops an issue.


The only place for the current to go if the toaster oven broke down and started spewing sparks is into the extension cable. A fire might easily result from this. The current will be sent into the ground instead of creating issues if the extension cord is plugged into a grounded outlet. To use appliances like toasters and ovens, always remember to plug your extension cord into a grounded outlet.


Ensure Extension Cord Is Certified

The fact that the average consumer typically does not make the effort to obtain a certified extension cord is one of the key reasons why most people discourage connecting their appliances to extension cords.

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Purchasing an inexpensive extension cord from an arbitrary manufacturer who makes no mention of any certification standards increases the likelihood that it will be faulty and may even have a phony gauge number.


This is risky. A fraudulent item that calls itself a 12 gauge wire may only be a 16 or 18 gauge. Due to its low price, you might be tempted to purchase it, but doing so would be a terrible error.


Consequently, before purchasing an extension, be sure to check for the UL or CE mark. UL means Underwriter Laboratories. Based on their safety and quality requirements, they inspect and certify products. The most popular standard in the US is UL.


CE means Conformité Européen, it is the name of the European version of UL. It’s advisable to get an extension cord that is certified by the UL or CE.


Purchase From A Reputable Brands

Always purchase from a reputable company. Since safety is a concern, you must choose the leading extension cord manufacturers rather than a random manufacturer. After all, it wouldn’t be a problem for a shady business to deceitfully attach a fake UL or CE label to its product.


Best Extension Cords For Oven Our Top Picks

UltraPro 25 Ft Extension Cord

Can You Plug A Toaster Oven Into An Extension Cord? Expert Reveals

This oven cord consists of 3 outlet power strips with 13 Amps, 125volts, 1625 watts,  16 gauge, grounded, double insulated, and heavy duty. It is for general purpose, Ideal for outdoor lighting and lasts long.



Can You Plug A Toaster Oven Into An Extension Cord? Expert Reveals


Heavy Duty Extension Cord for Kitchen Appliances 

Can You Plug A Toaster Oven Into An Extension Cord? Expert Reveals

This extension cord is insulated with high-quality vinyl to protect it from abrasion, sunlight and moisture, it lasts long and perfectly forms kitchen appliances like oven, microwave, air conditioner, dryer, toaster and so on. It can be used even in tight spaces.



Can You Plug A Toaster Oven Into An Extension Cord? Expert Reveals

Conclusion On Can You Plug A Toaster Oven Into An Extension Cord

Here, we went into great detail regarding the above question, can you plug a toaster oven into an extension cord? Most appliance makers, interior designers, and safety experts advise against it.

However, since an extension can manage the high power rating of a toaster oven, you can use it as a temporary fix if you need one.


Make sure you are aware of your toaster oven’s amperage and wattage ratings to choose the appropriate one. Get an extension cable that is the proper size, can carry the necessary amperage, is certified, and comes from a reputable manufacturer.


We hope the above-detailed write-up meets your expectations regarding your query, “can you plug a toaster oven into an extension cord?”.

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