Can You Plug A Mini Fridge Into An Extension Cord? Truth Revealed!

Mini Fridge usage is rising steadily in both homes and workplaces. It is an electrical appliance that consumes a lot of current to run, so you might want to ask, “can you plug a mini fridge into an extension cord? Let’s find out. Can you plug a mini fridge into an extension cord?


The short answer is yes, but there are some complications. This prevents you from simply bringing any cord and plugging your refrigerator into it. The cord must be appropriate for the refrigerator so that it can supply the fridge with the electricity it needs.


In this post, we have provided some guidelines on how you can successfully plug your mini fridge into an extension cord.

Can You Plug A Mini Fridge Into An Extension Cord?

Mini Fridge utilizes less energy than regular refrigerators; mini fridges are less of a problem. The typical mini-draw fridge rarely exceeds 12 amps, making it compatible with 15-amp circuits. The mini-required fridge’s current can be safely carried if the cord is the appropriate gauge.


When it comes to extension cords, a mini-fridge is less dangerous. Although the kind of extension cord matters. You have to consider some important qualities like the gauge, amperage rating, and length,


Plugging your mini fridge, I’m the wrong extension cord will result in the same problem as plugging your normal refrigerator in an extension cord. It is important to note that individuals frequently plug refrigerators into extension cables without experiencing any serious negative effects.


The secret is to use prudence. It all comes down to the kind of extension cord. Always match the mini-fridges electrical draw to the extension cord’s rating.


There are tags on the compressor of many appliances that show how much electricity they should use. Once you know this, finding an extension cord that can fit with the figure won’t be hard. 

Mini Fridge Power Requirements

Can you plug a mini fridge into an extension cord? Yes, a mini fridge requires a certain amount of power to function in an extension cord.

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Mini-fridge power requirements vary depending on cooling capacity and manufacturer. However, the majority of them need between 50 and 100 watts of power.


Your owner’s manual will provide information about mini-fridge power consumption, just like it does for other appliances. Modern versions can keep food and beverages frozen while consuming less energy than products available on the market a few years ago due to technological advancements. Because of this, most mini-fridges operate only for eight hours, or around one-third of the day.


How much power does a mini fridge consume? How frequently you use the mini-fridge or keep it plugged in will determine this. If a mini-fridge is suitable for your needs, you can expect to save money every year by utilizing it instead of a bigger one for temperature-controlled storage.

Things To Consider When Plugging A Mini Fridge In An Extension Cord 

A wide choice of high-quality extension cords is available. You could help by always using extension cords compatible with your mini-fridge wattage.


But numerous extension cables are simple to locate. The purpose is to focus on their positive attributes. The good quality of an extension cord must be considered. The brand shouldn’t be your main priority. To select the appropriate extension cord, pay close attention to the following factors:


Every appliance with a metal casing needs a ground wire. The metal on the outside could develop an electrical charge only if a wire inside the device’s body becomes loose. You would receive a serious, possibly lethal electric shock the following time you used it.


A three-prong socket is required for an extension cord that is grounded. An extension cord with a grounded plug is necessary for a mini-fridge plug. The grounding increases security, especially if the mini-electric fridge’s requirements can’t be met by the extension cord.


A mini-fridge should never be plugged into an extension cord that hasn’t been sufficiently grounded. The third prong must remain in place, and the plug must fit a particular outlet.


The diameter of the conductors is specified, and the size correlates with the extension cord gauge. Additionally, it affects how much electricity they can move. The gauge works weirdly; this is because it measures in numbers, with a lower number indicating a larger gauge.


Comparatively speaking, the number 12 is smaller than the number 14. But compared to a 12-gauge conductor, a 14-gauge conductor appears smaller. Make sure the gauge of the extension cord you select is sufficient. It can therefore manage the electricity that the mini-fridge needs.

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Amperage Rating

You must match the wattage rating of your mini fridge with the extension cord so that it can transport the necessary quantity of power securely. This number is typically located on the refrigerator’s back, but you can also check the online manual.


If the extension cord has a lower wattage rating than your mini fridge, then it won’t be able to transport all that electricity, which could result in a fire or damage to your appliance.


As electricity travels a greater distance, the voltage becomes low. You’ll need a shorter extension cord if your mini-fridge is close to an outlet. If the mini-fridge is far away, using a long extension cord isn’t advisable. The voltage decreases if the connection is too lengthy. As a result, the mini-fridge won’t be able to get the electricity it needs to function.


Heavy-duty wires are required for long-distance work. To account for power loss, these wires should have a large gauge.

Consequences of Plugging Your Mini Fridge In An Extension Cord

When considering plugging your mini fridge into an extension cord, you should also take more of the consequences below;


The lifespan of your mini-fridge may be shortened if you plug it into an extension cord. The compressors in your tiny fridge are under a lot of pressure from power fluctuations. The motor of your mini fridge will also suffer from insufficient voltage.


Your mini fridge will cease to function much more quickly if you plug it into an extension cord than if you plug it directly into a wall plug.

Fire Risk

Your extension cord will heat up if you use one that cannot supply your mini-fridge with the necessary amount of power. Your extension cord could catch fire as it starts to heat up. You and your family will be at risk as a result. This can cause serious harm to your home if there’s no one to attend to the situation.


Your mini-fridge won’t get the necessary power if you plug it into an extension cord. If your mini fridge lacks the necessary power, it will not function. Even if it works for a split second, that doesn’t guarantee that it will keep working as it should.


Your mini-fridge will work harder to receive the power it requires if you utilize a long extension cord. Your refrigerator will have to work harder the longer the extension cord. This is because longer wires have increased electrical resistance.

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Why Should A Mini Fridge Use An Extension Cord?

Typically, this is an issue of convenience. Because the wall outlet is too far away or already plugged in with appliances, people utilize extension cord. An extension cord not only moves the mini-outlet fridge closer but also adds more outlets, enabling you to connect several appliances simultaneously.


Although you can securely link your mini-fridge into the appropriate gauge extension cord, this shouldn’t be a long-term fix. Extension cords are intended to be quick fixes. You will eventually be required to move the mini-fridge closer to a wall outlet or to add more wall outlets.

Best Extension Cord For Mini Fridge

Maximm Cable 3 Ft 360° Rotating Flat Plug Extension Cord / Wire

Can You Plug A Mini Fridge Into An Extension Cord? Truth Revealed!

Due to its unique space-saving design features, this cord can fit tight spaces such as bookshelves and behind desks. It is constructed with a PVC insulator and 16 gauge copper conductors to ensure maximum durability. It’s a UL listed, and has 125 volts, 13 Amps, and 1625 Watts.


Can You Plug A Mini Fridge Into An Extension Cord? Truth Revealed!



Heavy Duty Three Prong Extension Cord for Kitchen Appliances 

Can You Plug A Mini Fridge Into An Extension Cord? Truth Revealed!

It’s good for indoor and outdoor use, perfect for every household with its design, and durable. This cord has insulation which protects it from moisture, abrasion, and sunlight. Apart from the mini fridge, It can be used for other appliances such as ovens, toasters, microwaves etc.


Can You Plug A Mini Fridge Into An Extension Cord? Truth Revealed!



Conclusion On Can You Plug A Mini Fridge Into An Extension Cord

Can you plug a mini fridge into an extension cord? the answer is yes but it can cause a fire hazard if you aren’t careful enough. You risk harming delicate parts like the motor and compressor if the extension cord cannot carry the power to the refrigerator in the quantities it requires.


Mini refrigerators have less power. They are not as powerful as regular refrigerators. If the extension cord has the appropriate gauge and amperage rating, you can connect a mini-fridge into it just like you would a refrigerator.


We hope with this post, you can get to decide if you should plug your mini fridge into an extension cord or not and the necessary precautions to take.

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