Can I Use Cheddar Instead Of Feta? Find Out Now!

The king of soft cheeses is feta cheese. This rich dairy product is synonymous with Greek food, along with olive oil. It’s an essential component of many salads, soups, and roasts from the Mediterranean region. But what do you do when you can’t get feta cheese? You might be wondering if cheddar will suffice.

Cheddar can be used instead of Feta. That’s correct, this common household item will be your next feta cheese rescuer. Given that it tastes similar to feta cheese, sharp cheddar is an unexpected option. Although cheddar cheese cannot exactly mimic the flavor and appearance of feta cheese, it is an excellent alternative.

You shouldn’t abandon your plans to enjoy a delightful Greek Cheese Pie, so don’t worry. What transpires, though, if you are out of this delicious variety of cheese? You may save your meal by using a variety of feta cheese alternatives without sacrificing flavor.

8 Sweet Alternatives to Feta Cheese

Cottage Cheese

Can I Use Cheddar Instead Of Feta

Although feta has a crumbly consistency and a pleasantly acidic flavor, it does contain a significant amount of sodium. So it might be bad if you’re watching your salt. Cottage cheese can be helpful in this situation. It is a decent substitute for feta cheese because it has a similar textural characteristic but a milder flavor.

The benefit of this cheese is that it is a little bit healthier. It is abundant in calcium and protein, two nutrients crucial for promoting bone health and muscle building. Additionally, it has less fat and calories than usual, making it ideal for weight loss. You may use the cheese in your healthier versions of pizza, pasta, and salads because it has a texture that is so close to cheese.

Goat Cheese

Can I Use Cheddar Instead Of Feta

While the traditional feta cheese is often prepared from sheep’s milk, it can also be produced using goat and sheep’s milk. As a result, goat cheese makes a great feta cheese replacement in your favorite salad dishes. Of course, feta and goat cheese have very different tastes and textures.

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Feta has a crumbly texture and a deeper, more tangy flavor. Goat cheese, in contrast, is mild and incredibly creamy. However, if you can locate some aged crumbly goat cheese, you’ll have a simple replacement.

Queso Fresco Cheese

Can I Use Cheddar Instead Of Feta

Raw cow’s milk, or a blend of cow’s and goat’s milk, is typically used to make queso fresco. It doesn’t face the same fermentation process as feta cheese; thus, its flavor profile is much softer and less astringent. To find this feta cheese alternative, we must travel to Latin America.

But in terms of texture, the cheese is highly comparable to feta. As a result, it makes for the ideal substitution for feta in salads, wraps, and Greek sandwiches. In addition, it offers a host of health advantages. It has less sodium and fat than aged feta cheese, similar to cottage cheese.

Because of this, it’s ideal if you’re on a diet or watching your salt intake. With this cheese, substitution is simple.

Halloumi Cheese

Can I Use Cheddar Instead Of Feta

Halloumi, another well-known Greek cheese, is ideal for grilling if that’s what you’re in the mood for. It is manufactured from a blend of sheep and goat cheese, just like feta. This indicates that the flavor profiles of the two types of cheese are comparable. However, compared to feta’s rich, astringent flavor, halloumi is still milder and has a nearly pleasant aftertaste.

The texture, however, is where the two types of cheese diverge most. Feta is crumbly yet still solid, making it ideal for salads. Halloumi, on the other hand, is extremely firm and even chewy, making it perfect for dishes that call for baking and frying. Therefore, halloumi can be a decent option if you’re seeking a feta cheese substitute that has a harder bite.

Ricotta Cheese

Can I Use Cheddar Instead Of Feta

Ricotta cheese is the most acceptable alternative to feta cheese in terms of flavor while being milkier and moister than feta. They both possess that distinct, tangy flavor that complements burgers, spaghetti, and salads beautifully. However, the sweetness of ricotta cheese makes it the ideal counterpoint to intensely spicy ingredients.

The textures of the two varieties of cheese vary slightly. Ricotta is significantly more adaptable than feta since it is incredibly creamy and spreadable. It serves as a topping for pancakes, salads, and other sweet dishes. Despite having a lot of moisture, it matches superbly with olive oil in pies and bakes. As a result, substitution is straightforward.


Can I Use Cheddar Instead Of Feta

This entry will appeal greatly to lovers of French cheese. It may appear to be a creamy, rotten cheese completely different from feta, but this isn’t the case. This product is created by French cheesemakers using aged sheep’s cheese. Roquefort is thus the ideal feta cheese alternative in terms of flavor.

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The textures of the two varieties of cheese do vary, though. The Roquefort cheese’s blue veins can drastically alter how your dish appears. Roquefort is an alternative if, on the other hand, the flavor is your first priority. Unlike feta, which crumbles easily, Roquefort is considerably creamier and less brittle.

Cheddar Cheese

Can I Use Cheddar Instead Of Feta

It could seem that cheddar and feta cheese are diametrically opposed. Cheddar is a firm, dark yellow cheese made by cows that you may melt over pizza or spaghetti. However, the two have a similarity: a solid and sour flavor. Feta is olive oil- and cheese-friendly white, soft, crumbly sheep’s cheese.

Cheddar is a fantastic alternative to feta cheese because it has the same strong acid bite. If soft cheeses aren’t your favorite type, this is especially true. To ensure that the cheddar cheese doesn’t overpower your dish, you might wish to shred it due to the texture variations.


Can I Use Cheddar Instead Of Feta

Mizithra is prepared from goat and sheep’s milk, just like feta. It has a softer flavor, though. Try this cheese on salads, vegetables, and puff pastry to lessen the feta’s harsh, tangy flavor. Use as a 1:1 ratio replacement.


Can I Use Cheddar Instead Of Feta

Another Mexican cheese to consider instead of feta is this. This crumbly feta cheese alternative has a flavor and texture reminiscent of a stronger parmesan. Cotija should be added 1 to 1 to salads, tacos, and burgers.

On the other hand, it doesn’t melt properly and isn’t the best for recipes that call for bubbling and goo.

What Are Vegan Options For Feta Substitute?

Some people can’t eat feta cheese curds because of their diets, while others love their foods with the cheesy flavour. I’ve prepared several vegan alternatives for feta cheese for those of you who are vegan and lactose intolerant right here in this section, so you won’t feel left out.

Cacao or Almond Cheese

Can I Use Cheddar Instead Of Feta

Almond or cashew cheese is the first available substitute. People who adore feta cheese but are unable to consume it will benefit from its mild flavor and rich, nutty flavor. Not only do cashew or almond cheeses have a comparable flavor, but they also have a similar crumbly texture.

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No Cheese Tofu

Can I Use Cheddar Instead Of Feta

Tofu cheese is arguably the most popular option among all vegan substitutes for feta cheese because it contains no animal dairy ingredients. This substitute, made from pure fresh soy, has a firm texture and crumbles like feta cheese.

Tofu is healthy due to its deficient levels of saturated fat and calories and the same fermented flavor. So your food’s cholesterol level is significantly reduced by using this feta cheese alternative.


Can I Use Cheddar Instead Of Feta

Cheese in no way resembles nutritional yeast. However, when sprinkled on a dish, it adds the superior flavor of feta. It is a fantastic option for vegans or people trying to reduce their calorie intake. This feta cheese alternative is also stocked with essential minerals like vitamin B12 to support your gut flora.

Cheddar And Feta Cheese Substitution FAQ

What Makes Feta Cheese And Cheddar Cheese Differ From One Another?

Feta cheese is less fatty and calorie-dense than sharp cheddar cheese. The specific nutrition facts for feta cheese are 6 grams of fat and 74 calories per 1 ounce (28 grams). On the other hand, the amount of calories and fat in 1 ounce of cheddar cheese is around 7 grams.

What’s The Cholesterol Content of Feta Cheese?

Besides being a healthy source of protein and calcium, feta cheese includes cholesterol and other saturated fat.

Is Feta Cheese On Pizza Meltable?

Despite melting, it is not advisable to use feta cheese on pizza. When used on the food, the texture and flavor of mozzarella make it the most incredible cheese to melt on pizza.

Is Cream Cheese An Acceptable Feta Substitution?

You can replace feta with cream cheese because it spreads and melts better than feta. But given how wonderfully it crumbles, feta cheese is preferred.


Deciding whether or not you are a vegan is the most crucial stage in selecting feta cheese substitutes. Your ideal candidates will be reduced as a result of this thought process. Then you can find substitutes based on your preference.

There you have it—my grand list of alternatives to feta cheese you should be using if you’re not using cheddar. Reread this post when you run out of feta cheese in the future and remain composed.

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