Can I Use Banana Instead Of Dates? Answered!

We can choose between fresh and dried dates when it comes to using them in recipes. Both choices are also utilized in cooking and can be a fantastic method to give your food sweetness and pleasant flavors. But what if you only got banana instead of dates?

You should be able to substitute anything that is as wet and sweet if the dates is only needed to add a little moisture and sweetness. Nut butter, applesauce that has been sweetened, or mashed banana. Even shredded carrots. You can use them all.

Replacing Dates

Dates come in a wide range of types. Others are soft and delicious, while others have a hard, dry shell. But almost all varieties of dates have a flavor similar to creamy caramel. As a result, they are crucial components in numerous baked items, sauces, and even jams.

But you wouldn’t typically keep dates in your pantry as an ingredient. They are typically purchased for particular purposes and used practically shortly afterwards.


Dates have a flavor that is most often compared to caramel. They can taste something like toffees and are typically very sweet. They do, however, also contain distinct chocolate flavors, as well as traces of butterscotch and cinnamon.

Because of this, bakers and chefs find them to be quite appealing as a dish. Date pulp may be used to make a variety of sauces and jams, and you don’t even need to use a lot of sugar.


  • Dates are typically served with herbal tea and eaten on their own.
  • They can also be blended with other ingredients to improve their flavor. For instance, chocolate-dipped dates are a popular treat in many nations.
  • Dates stuffed with dried fruit, such as almonds, are also available. To create a delectable dessert, the dates are de-seeded and reinserted with other dried fruits.
  • The de-seeded pulp of dates can be used in savory recipes and is frequently added to rice meals in terms of culinary application.
  • They are also commonly utilized in baking items due to their naturally sweet flavor and sticky texture.
  • Date-infused pastries and even bars are widely available.

The 13 Best Date Replacements

Here are a few excellent alternatives:

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1. Raisins

 I Use Banana Instead Of Dates


Raisins have a similar texture to dates and can be used similarly. The most excellent part about this alternative is that, while they can have a different texture from dates, dried raisins can still have the same distinctive chew and texture as dates. Raisins also have a milder sweet flavor than dates.

In addition to their many culinary applications, raisins can be utilized in baked goods. When working with raisins, you also have some versatility. For instance, you can soak raisins in water overnight to make them rounded and sufficiently tender if you want them to be soft and tasty.

2. Dried Apricot

 I Use Banana Instead Of Dates

For several reasons, dried apricots make one of the most significant date replacements. They have a texture similar to dates and may be utilized in the same ways as palm fruit! The flavor of these dried fruits is excellent to start.

Before being added to meals, dried apricot can be chopped or cut, and after being hydrated, it becomes sufficiently malleable, so you can add them to biscuits, bars, cookies, and other baked goods.

3. Dried Berries

 I Use Banana Instead Of Dates

Looking for a delicious and similarly nutrient-dense date alternative? Then focus just on dried berries. These fruits make a great snack and are also exceptionally nutrient-dense. Many other dried berry options are available; we advise using dried cranberries for the most outstanding results.

They aren’t too sweet, and eating and processing them don’t take much effort. Simply incorporate a few berries into your go-to recipe to elevate your dish!

4. Dried Cherries

 I Use Banana Instead Of Dates

Dried cherries have a similar nutritional and flavor profile to dried berries. Due to their low moisture content, they are straightforward to find and have a long shelf life. Due to their straightforward and less sweet flavor, cherries can be used as a direct replacement for dates.

Not at home, any dried cherries? As an alternative, you might decide to sun-dry the cherries to achieve the same result. Then it will be simple for you to produce them with just a dehydrator!

5. Small Apricots

 I Use Banana Instead Of Dates

Because they have a perfectly balanced sweet and fruity flavor and are soft and sometimes more straightforward to work with than dates, tiny apricots are one of our favorite fruits. Immature fruits called small apricots are picked before they can fully ripen into full-sized apricots.

They have a distinct and concentrated fruity flavor due to their small size. Even the young, ripe varieties of this fruit have a flavor and texture similar to dates.

6. Figs

 I Use Banana Instead Of Dates

Figs are a great alternative to dates because they are not only high in nutrients. Their tiny seeds have different textures but many of the same flavor notes as dates. This dried fruit is straightforward to locate and requires no preparation.

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Since they are not excessively sweet and have a flavor reminiscent of caramel, figs can be used to improve the flavor of a variety of sweet and savory meals.

7. Raisin Paste

 I Use Banana Instead Of Dates


If you don’t want solid date pulp, we suggest using raisin paste as a substitute. Because this form expands the possibilities for raisins, dried raisin paste is more adaptable than ordinary raisins.

Most date flavour notes are primarily found in raisins, which can also be used in sauces, marinades, and everyday cooking. They can be utilized as a flavor enhancer and binding ingredient in baked goods even though they aren’t as sticky.

8. Maple Syrup

 I Use Banana Instead Of Dates

Due to its similarity to dates in terms of flavor, maple syrup is a great substitution. Although it is not nearly as healthy and frequently contains a lot like corn syrup, it is a sweet and well-known item that you can use to replicate or replace the flavors of dates in several dessert recipes.

We advise combining maple syrup with dried raisins for a lovely flavor and texture combo if you want to get the most flavor and texture out of it.

9. Cane Sugar

 I Use Banana Instead Of Dates

Cane sugar, also known as jaggery, can be used in place of dates in various recipes, including drinks! Many flavor notes in cane sugar are similar, and you can also experiment with various kinds of jaggery to find the perfect flavor.

Jaggery typically tastes like caramel with notes of molasses, maple, and other flavors. Cane sugar can be used to make baked products, herbal tea, and other delectable recipes because it is less sweet than dates.

10. Jujube

 I Use Banana Instead Of Dates

The Chinese date or red date are other names for jujube. Jujube is an excellent alternative to dates because it comes from the same family as dates but has a distinct texture and a milder flavor.

The jujube’s tendency to be a little less sweet is the main distinction between the two. It offers many of the same flavor elements but with a heavier emphasis on fruity undertones.

Due to the central seed, they are similarly challenging to work with but considerably less sweet and sticky.

11. Cascara

 I Use Banana Instead Of Dates

The dried skin of the coffee cherry is known as cascara, progressively gaining popularity worldwide, particularly in the USA. Starbucks and other artisanal coffee shops have used it to create a variety of delectable drinks.

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Although the fruit has been enjoyed by native people for ages, it was formerly thrown away since it was thought to be a waste product. We have only recently known of the fantastic flavors of cascara, and the best part is that it also has specific flavor characteristics resembling dates.

Although it might not seem like a good alternative, it works well in various recipes and drinks, exactly like dates.

12. Dried Peaches

 I Use Banana Instead Of Dates

In addition to having a fantastic flavor, dried peaches are also quite healthful and versatile. Dried peaches offer a sweet flavor comparable to dates, albeit less rounded. It is an excellent alternative to dates because it has a milder flavor overall, and the fruit’s peel can be pretty simple to handle. If you enjoy a little moisture in your fruit, soaking it in water overnight will make it plump and delicious!

13. Date Syrup

 I Use Banana Instead Of Dates

Simple liquified dates are what make up date syrup. Use date syrup instead because it still imparts the same date flavor to dishes without adding any pulp. As a result, you may drizzle syrup over salads and even include it in marinades to temper other spicy components.

Medjool dates—much softer but stickier and sweeter—are typically used to make date syrup. These dates are a delicacy in many parts of the world and are said to have a toffee-like flavor.

It goes without saying that date syrup is your best bet if you want to find an exact match for dates with all their flavors.

Related Issues

Prunes, can they replace dates?

Yes. Prunes are widely available and have many of the same flavors as dates.

They can be utilized in many comparable ways and are one of the closest substitutes for them. However, compared to dates, prunes have a very well-rounded sweet flavor as well. The dried type has a notably sweeter flavor.

Can chocolate syrup be used in place of dates?

No, the chocolate syrup has a different flavor and a different texture. The very concentrated chocolate syrup will not add any culinary value when attempting to recreate the flavor of dates, even though dates have a faint chocolate and caramel flavor.

If you truly want to utilize chocolate, we suggest combining it with date syrup in small amounts until the syrup has the perfect flavor. Date syrup is a preferable choice.

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