Can Electric Stoves Explode? – 4 Causes

Over the years people have often wondered, “can electric stoves explode?” The truth is that everyone has cooking disasters, but when things start exploding, the situation may become unpleasant. Although they are uncommon, cooking explosions are possible. Know that you are not the only one if your electric stove does explode.Can electric stoves explode?


The answer is Yes. Electric stoves that have a loose coil range element, broken wires, a damaged element socket or coil, or that are otherwise defective can explode. A spark or an explosion may result in the outcome. Continue reading to find out what to do in the situations when your electric stove explodes, warning signals to look out for, and how to prevent or fix the situation.

Causes Of Electric Stoves Exploding

Can electric stove explode? Like we answered before, yes it can, and there are a few causes of an electric stove explosion, they are listed below:

Damaged Coils 

If the coil range element on your stove gets unfastened, broken, or otherwise damaged in any way, electric stoves can catch fire and explode and move away from their original point. These need to be replaced as soon as possible since they could cause electrical fires and sparks.

Faulty Power Cord

If a stove is plugged in for an excessive amount of time or if the insulation on the power cord has worn spots where wires could short out, the power cable may also overheat. If this occurs, unplug the device right away because leaving it plugged in increases the risk of overheating and then catching fire.

Over Heating Coils

Explosions may also result from leaving heating element coils exposed for extended periods.

Power Surge

A rapid power surge can damage electric appliances in many different ways, and a stove is no exception. When your home or office receives an abrupt, brief boost of high-voltage electricity, it is called a power surge. This can result in burned-out appliances, damaged wiring, and electrical fires.

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What To Do When An Electric Stoves Explode 

Seek Medical Attention Right Away If You Get Injured

Before anything else, you should make sure you are not hurt and seek assistance if you are. Making sure the burner is off would be the next necessary action right away to stop more damage. You can either turn off the breaker or unplug the stove’s main power supply. Additionally, it is a good idea to maintain a fire extinguisher close by in case the stove ignites once more.

Do Not Use Stove Until It’s Fixed

You Should hire a professional to fix your electric stove if you discover any faults, and If you are an electrician, you can fix it yourself. Your stove’s sparks or explosions can be extremely dangerous, so it’s critical to address the issue to prevent a recurrence.

Signs Of Electric Stoves Explosion You Should Watch Out For


If you ever see your stove begin to spark, turn off the heat right away. These sparks may be the first indication that a component on your stove needs to be replaced.

Wear and Tear 

You should regularly check your stove for damage. The ideal time to do this is when you are cleaning.

How To Prevent An Electric Stove From Exploding

There are various ways you can prevent an electric stove from exploding, they are explained below;

Monitoring Gas Leaks

As we already discussed, gas leaks can result in deadly gas explosions that can claim the lives of people. If you detect the odor of rotting eggs or something similar in your kitchen, there may be a gas leak.

When utilizing your kitchen, you should be vigilant and respond if you notice any strange odors. If you are certain that there is a gas leak, you might think about turning off the burners. Once you are certain that your home is free of any remaining gas leaks, try to switch them on.


Check the connection between the burners, the pipe, and the gas cylinder if you still believe there may be a leak. You might not always be certain that the leakage problem has been fixed. Consider hiring a professional to assist you in solving this problem.

Set An Alarm Clock 

Are you preparing a meal that could take several hours to prepare? Slow-cooked dinners can occasionally be the greatest ones. It’s possible that you won’t have time to watch over your kitchen the entire time. Fortunately, most recently constructed homes have fire protection features built right in.

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Consider installing one if your house doesn’t already have one because it will protect you from several risks. It is simple to stop potential fire threats before they become serious with a smoke alarm. Sometimes a food that you are preparing in the kitchen will burn longer than it should.

Smoke will trigger the alarm to warn you as soon as the flames begin to cook your food. The moment it starts, someone will dash into the kitchen and stop it.

Always Maintain A Clean Stove

Due to your regular cooking, stoves are among the items you use every day. This implies that food debris may land in many places, including on top of the burner. Stove explosions might happen if you use your stove carelessly.


Your stove needs daily cleaning. Remove the bulky burners and grates, then wash them with soap. Do not forget to inspect the burner’s holes. Food particles and solidified oil can sometimes obstruct them. In this situation, think about using a toothpick to clear them. When removing the burners, exercise caution. After cooking, don’t remove them right away because they can be extremely hot. First, allow them to cool properly.

Inflammable Objects Must Be Avoided 

You might unintentionally place some flammable items close to the burners while cooking. You can utilize a plastic rice tin in the process of cooking rice, and then place it close to the stove. The tin or anything else placed close to the stove could wind up burning. You might as well put airtight containers or foil wraps next to the stove. The stove could combust and hurt you if it does.


Please refrain from putting anything flammable next to the stove. Avoid using other appliances, and only use utensils and cookware on the stove.

Take Personal Precautions 

Simple safety precautions must be followed when using a stove to prevent accidents. When cooking, never wear clothing made of quickly flammable material. Also, avoid wearing anything near the stove. While using your stove, you might wish to avoid wearing long sleeve shirts or dresses. If you’re a lady, you might want to think about tying your hair back because long hair can catch fire. Keep kids out of the kitchen, and if a teenager is learning to cook, think about watching them.

Choose The Appropriate Range Hood

Flames are ignited on gas stoves using propane or gas. If the fire comes into touch with cookware, odors are produced. The vapors must be quickly evacuated outside. This demonstrates the need for strategically placed windows in your kitchen for adequate ventilation.

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A big chimney that aids in ventilation from the outside can also be something you can add. Otherwise, your kitchen will be flooded with potentially hazardous smoke and fumes. Simple household precautions that the majority of people disregard are necessary to prevent a stove from exploding. Never let your stove go unattended while you’re cooking. Remember to shut off the gas to your stove after you are done using it.

Best Electric Stove To Buy

QTYANCY Electric Cooktop, 120V Electric Stove Top with Knob Control

Can Electric Stoves Explode? - 4 Causes

This stove has great protection characteristics to ensure safety like auto shutdown, overheat protection, residual heat indicator, and timer. It’s easy to operate, has 2 independent knobs, suitable for the elderly, suitable for people with poor eyesight. This electric stove places the electromagnetic energy directly into the cookware without wasting energy and time on a heating element which makes it energy efficient. It is suitable for all types of cookware, like copper, glass ceramic, aluminum, stainless steel etc.


Can Electric Stoves Explode? - 4 Causes

Duxtop LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop 1800W 

Can Electric Stoves Explode? - 4 Causes

This electric stove places the electromagnetic energy directly into the cookware without wasting energy on a heating element which makes it energy efficient while providing faster heating. This stove has  20 preset levels per mode so you can select the perfect one for your cooking task. Simply press one button to switch between cooking modes. Temperature mode is recommended to fry, saute, and steam. Try POWER MODE to keep food warm or to bring water to a boil quickly. It has a child safety lock system which helps protect from injuries such as scalding. It’s compatible with cast iron, stainless, copper and other types of cookware.


Can Electric Stoves Explode? - 4 Causes

Conclusion On Can Electric Stoves Explode

Electric stove owners must be knowledgeable about what causes electric stoves to explode, how to prevent these kinds of explosions, and how to react when this explosion happens. Always seek professional assistance when you believe something isn’t functioning properly because protecting life is the most important thing. We hope we have been able to answer your query, “can electric stove explode” and also give you all the necessary details to guide you in your kitchen as a homeowner 


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