8 Best Tylose Powder Substitute

If you like sugarcraft and want to make fantastic, delectable cakes, you should get a bag or two of Tylose powder. Tylose powder enables you to make drool-worthy cake masterpieces ranging from your child’s favorite novelty figures to fondant flower bouquets, among other things. It may also be blended with powdered sugar to generate a paste that can be used to make edible flowers, cakes, and various other baked goods. On the other hand, Tylose Powder is often unavailable in some places. So, what can you use as a Tylose Powder Substitute?


Tylose Powder Substitute

  • Food Glue

  • CMC Powder

  • Gum-Tex

  • Gum Tragacanth

  • Modeling Paste

  • Tylo Powder or “CMC”

  • Cornstarch

  • Melted Fondant

  • Icing Sugar

Best Tylose Powder Substitute – 8 Best Substitutes

Tylose Powder is an award-winning product often unavailable in brick-and-mortar shops and online. So, if you can’t get Tylose Powder, don’t get too worked up since there are various Tylose Powder substitutes to select from.

1. Gum-Tex

8 Best Tylose Powder Substitute

One brand-name powder that works well as a Tylose powder alternative is Gum-Tex. Gum-Tex is produced with Karaya Gum, commonly known as Indian gum tragacanth, rather than CMC. It’s comparable to Tylose but more costly than most CMC powders and other Tylose powder competitors. However, it is less expensive and dries faster than gum tragacanth.


Gum-Tex will harden in minutes after being kneaded into fondant. It’s one of the fastest drying solutions, although it has been criticized for producing a gritty texture when used in excess; use it carefully. Gum-Tex shines as a food glue. Combine a little bit with a large amount of water, mix well, and you’ll have glue that anything will cling to in minutes.


Gum-Tex is widely regarded as the most adaptable Tylose powder substitute offered by bakers. If your fondant becomes too thin, just add a few drops of Gum-Tex, and it’ll be as good as new in no time. With a little more, you’ll be able to create intricate shapes and embellishments.

2. Food Glue

8 Best Tylose Powder Substitute

If you can’t get Tylose powder, use edible food glue instead. It’s the closest tylose powder substitute and is appropriate for a variety of applications. Are you making a cake, dessert, or pastry? Food glue is the finest substitute for Tylose powder.

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Tylose powder, CMC powder, xanthan gum, and sugarcane paste are all used to make food glue. It works well as food glue and edible modeling clay, as the name implies. One of the most appealing features is how effectively food adheres to commercially available edible glue.


Most types of food glue include eggs, gluten, and nuts or have been processed in a facility that handles those components. Because trace components remain in food glue products, the majority are inappropriate for vegetarians and vegans.

3. CMC Powder

8 Best Tylose Powder Substitute

Tylose is not the only brand of CMC powder available. As the next best choice after food glue, look for alternative vendors supplying carboxymethyl cellulose. When it comes to hardening pastes and thickening icing and other dessert toppings/ingredients, a little goes a long way.


CMC powder is excellent for sculpted hardening components in cakes and other baked foods. A teaspoon of CMC causes the dough to stiffen to near-solidity. This is considered too difficult for most people, so if you’re modeling baked goods and sweets at home, stick to a CMC-to-water ratio of 1:30. You should have a dough that is edible and moldable. It is advisable to refrigerate the Tylose and water combination overnight before using CMC powder as a straight substitute for Tylose.

4. Tylo Powder or “CMC”

8 Best Tylose Powder Substitute

Keep in mind that numerous manufacturers sell virtually similar Tylose powder alternatives. After all, CMC is the most often used basic. If Tylose powder is unavailable, go for Tylo powder or baking items branded ‘CMC’ only.


Regardless of the type, Tylo powder and similarly labeled cake decorating materials are extensively utilized in the business. If you want to use CMC-based powders as glue, they must be allowed to cool overnight. Alternatively, add to your dough to get a hard finish.

5. Cornstarch 

8 Best Tylose Powder Substitute

Cornstarch may be used as a Tylose powder substitute, but it’s easy to overdo it, which can affect the texture of your dough, glue, or other baked moldings. Cornstarch is often used for cake toppers and other figures that need a high degree of toughness. Knead in the cornstarch gradually until the fondant is firm enough to hold the shape you’re shaping.


Please use cornstarch carefully since too much will cause your fondant, cake, frosting, or glue to solidify. It is simple to make cornstarch food glue. In a separate container, combine 1 tablespoon cornstarch and 1/4 cup water. Stir in all of the cornstarch until smooth. In a saucepan on heat, melt a third cup of white granulated sugar in a quarter cup of water. Heat gently at a low temperature while continually stirring.

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Once dissolved, add a quarter cup of lemon juice and your previously prepared cornstarch mixture. Reduce the heat to the lowest setting possible and continue stirring until the liquid becomes opaque. Your food glue is ready when it becomes opaque. To enhance color and taste, feel free to use food coloring, essences, and extracts.

6. Gum Tragacanth

8 Best Tylose Powder Substitute

Gum tragacanth powder is the most natural Tylose powder replacement available, but it is also one of the most costly. Furthermore, depending on where you reside, tragacanth powder may be difficult to come by. A teaspoon of tragacanth to a pound of fondant is the acceptable hardening ratio, and hardening takes 24 hours.


To manufacture an efficient food glue, combine a little gum tragacanth powder with water and then chill for a few hours. The sole disadvantage of gum tragacanth is that it imparts a yellowish color to whatever it combines. However, once created, you have a Tylose powder alternative that is as versatile as they come.


Gum tragacanth is fantastic for molding delicate embellishments and hardening fondant for shaping, although we suggest adding a food color to counteract the yellowing effect. The discoloration is hardly apparent when used as a food glue.

7. Modeling Paste

8 Best Tylose Powder Substitute

Modeling paste, unlike fondant, dries firm, making it an excellent Tylose powder substitute. There are many different kinds, and each may be used as food glue or to build forms, miniatures, and ornamental embellishments. As an alternative, flower and modeling paste work well, drying rapidly and keeping their form without effort. Of course, you must work quickly, but the colors hold well, and the end effect is smooth and professional.


Because it takes longer to dry, standard modeling paste is even simpler to work with than flower paste. It will take a full 24-hours for your details to be fixed in stone. Petal paste is less difficult to work with than modeling or floral paste, but it takes the longest to dry. Choose petal paste for razor-thin detailing and very exquisite ornamental work. Any of these items may be diluted with water and used as food glue.

8. Icing Sugar

8 Best Tylose Powder Substitute

Although icing sugar is not optimal, it may be used as a thickening/hardening agent and edible glue. Mix icing sugar and water to make a paste that, when thick enough, may replace food glue.

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Kneading icing sugar into fondant will thicken and make it firmer, but it will not become totally solid. Larger decorations will be easier to mold, but intricate details and figures will need something more hard.

How Much Tylose Powder Substitute To Use?

When using Tylose Powder, there are a few things to bear in mind, the most significant of which is how much to use. It is advisable to combine about half a cup of Tylose Powder replacement with 250 grams of sugar paste and knead well before using.


You may probably use the sugar paste as soon as you see it becoming stiff. However, most Tylose Powder alternative producers suggest chilling the mixture overnight. If you use too much Tylose Powder, the sugar paste will dry up and be unfit for usage.


Also, since sugar paste hardens rapidly, wrap it tightly in plastic and keep it in an airtight container. If you want to make edible glue with the Tylose Powder replacement, mix one-part substitute with 30 parts water.


Then, please place it in an airtight container and place it in the refrigerator overnight. It may seem lumpy at first, but it will smooth out after being refrigerated overnight.

What Is Tylose Powder Made Of?

Tylose powder is a man-made form of Gum Tragacanth, a naturally occurring gum obtained from the sap of a variety of Middle Eastern plants. It is also marketed under the chemical name CMC. Tylose powder is created from refined and processed cellulose, which is found in plant cell walls and is neither digested or absorbed by the body. It is less expensive, more consistent, and more accessible than Gum Tragacanth since it is man-made.

Conclusion On Tylose Powder Substitute

Tylose powder is a very valuable and adaptable substance in any cake maker’s cupboard. This binding agent may be used with fondant to form gum paste or with powdered sugar to make a paste for edible flowers. Tylose Powder, on the other hand, is often unavailable, but you can always substitute any of the other Tylose Powder replacements on this list to obtain the same effects.

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