14 Perfect Substitutes For Watercress

With so many health advantages and a delicious flavor, watercress makes eating veggies seem like a treat. Although it looks like spinach, it has a taste that everyone adores. Despite the fact that not everyone will enjoy watercress, there are always tasty substitutes to choose instead.

Here are some excellent alternatives you can use if you don’t like watercress: cabbage, lettuce, Chinese cabbage, dandelion greens, water spinach, spinach, purslane, arugula, radicchio, kale, endive, and nasturtium leaves. Surprisingly, you may substitute a variety of leafy vegetables for watercress. Let’s see how these alternatives can significantly improve things.

Replacements for Watercress 


Substitutes For Watercress

The most astonishing thing about lettuce is that it comes in various types, including iceberg lettuce, butterhead lettuce, Batavia lettuce, Lactuca lettuce, celtuce, and many others. They have few calories yet are rich in nutritious ingredients that are good for you.

Although it can also be used as a pizza topping, lettuce is mainly used in salads and sandwiches. Even though it doesn’t work well with soups and stews, it can be used in fast stir-fry recipes.

Chinese Cabbage

Substitutes For Watercress

If you enjoy kimchi, you probably already know that Chinese cabbage is a critical component of this well-known Korean cuisine. Chinese cabbage is not only great for kimchi, but it also makes an excellent watercress alternative.

It is a crisp, succulent leaf that goes well with any food and has no bitter taste. It can be pickled, added to stir-fries, used as a wrap, or added to soups and stews to give them texture. It is cheap, wholesome, and easily accessible in the majority of supermarkets all over the world.

Water Spinach

Substitutes For Watercress

Mainly in tropical regions, water spinach is well-known. It thrives in damp environments (which is why you see it growing near rivers, streams, and lakes). It’s one of the least expensive greens because it requires little maintenance to thrive.

It’s a leafy vegetable with long, thin leaves. When cooked properly, the flavor is savory and crisp. When steamed and combined with other vegetables, it is the finest prepared cuisine you’ll adore. It tastes great as a delightful snack or in salads and soups. In several Asian nations, deep-fried water spinach is a guilt-free fried food.

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Dandelion Green

Substitutes For Watercress

Another leafy vegetable with distinctive, acute side ridges is dandelion greens. It’s a fantastic substitute for watercress because it provides many unique nutritional content and health advantages.

Protein, iron, minerals, and calcium are all present in a serving of one cup. Consuming a lot of dandelion greens is an excellent idea if you prefer a healthy lifestyle and want to increase your intake of nutritious foods.


Substitutes For Watercress

The reason Popeye enjoys spinach is apparent. It is easily accessible, inexpensive, simple to make, and has excellent nutritional value, all of which contributed to his growth in strength. Aside from this humorous anecdote, these details are primarily accurate in actual life.

A relatively common leafy vegetable that is always available fresh is spinach. It can have anything from tiny to enormous leaves, depending on the season. Even so, everyone should keep spinach on hand because it is one of the superfoods.


Substitutes For Watercress

Raw purslane is a fantastic food. Because they have similar flavor profiles, watercress, and purslane work well together in salads and sandwiches. For a healthier supper, I personally sprinkle a small amount of purslane on my pizza or bruschetta. Purslane is the way to go if you desire a lush, luscious vegetable with a bite.


Substitutes For Watercress

Why wouldn’t you enjoy arugula? This leafy vegetable is a tasty option if you’re attempting to introduce someone to a balanced salad bowl. Even the pickiest eater would be interested in trying it because of its herby scent and less bitter taste.

For lunch or dinner, kids adore a big, heaped burger. My patties with arugula are one of my favorite ways to prepare burger. I added some chopped arugula to provide some fantastic health benefits to make it healthier (without them detecting any sign of vegetables).


Substitutes For Watercress

Even though leafy vegetables are generally very healthy, they can also be monotonous. Add some color to your ordinary salad bowl to give it a makeover. A substantial serving of the red leafy vegetable radicchio might heighten your appetite for nutritious food.

Depending on your preference, radicchio can be eaten either raw or cooked. It is slightly bitter, leafy, and juicy but not as bad as its rivals. Personally, I enjoy it as a tasty salad to switch up my usual regimen of making green salads.


Substitutes For Watercress

Kale is one of the top competitors when it comes to leafy superfoods. This thick, green vegetable is the go-to option for people aiming to stay active or lead a healthy lifestyle.

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It is frequently used in salads, stir-fried foods, crisp chips, and green juices or smoothies. Kale is available in various forms, including dried, powdered, and fresh from the market.


Substitutes For Watercress

Endive is a fantastic alternative if you like the flavor of lettuce. Endive has a taste similar to ordinary cabbage with a slightly bitter undertone. Physically, it resembles a bit of Chinese cabbage with smaller, more compact leaves.

Be aware that it might not be accessible where you are, but if it is in the season where you are, enjoy its deliciousness while it lasts.

Nasturtium Leaf

Substitutes For Watercress

There’s no watercress on hand? Why not try nasturtium leaves, the Indian equivalent? Simply said, nasturtium leaves—particularly the stems—are more extensive and thicker. Taste, flavor, and texture are almost identical to watercress.

You might think twice before switching back to your usual watercress because all parts of this leafy vegetable are equally tasty and healthy.


Substitutes For Watercress

When nothing else is available, cabbage works just well. This green vegetable may be ordinary, but it always works. You don’t need to struggle to find another leafy alternative; cabbage will do just fine. It goes well with soups in the winter and salads in the summer. What makes it the best? It is affordable and always accessible.

Radish Sprouts

Substitutes For Watercress

Watercress is related to radish sprouts because they are members of the same family. It is simple to determine that they have a comparable form and spice level. But the flavor of these sprouts is a little more robust. Although it is difficult to get them in stores, radish seeds are an easy way to grow them.

The majority of salad meals include these greens. Try the smoked salmon wrap with radish sprouts if you are sick of them. Salmon’s sweetness will be emphasized by the spice, which will also reduce the fishy flavor.

These tiny sprouts are bursting at the seams with essential amino acids and chlorophyll, which aid in the battle against cancer. Even better, folate aids in forming red blood cells, which is crucial in the first trimester if you’re pregnant.

Upland Cress

Substitutes For Watercress

The flavor of upland cress, often referred to as American cress or yellow rocket, is pepperier than that of watercress. As a result, this kind is a good alternative.

Upland cress can be used in sandwiches and salads, just like watercress. It is preferable to think of the tangy flavor, nevertheless. It can be used as a garnish on cooked meat, poultry, or soups. It’s spice will take away the meat’s smooth flavor.

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Vitamin B2, which aids in the breakdown of proteins and lipids and promotes the synthesis of red blood cells, is abundant in upland cress. You can also get vitamin K to make your bones stronger.

Related Questions

Is it better to eat watercress cooked or raw?

You can eat watercress either raw or cooked. However, as this green vegetable is cooked, its nutritional value decreases. Most people choose to eat it uncooked as a result.

Is watercress a superfood?

Watercress is the ultimate superfood, just like the rest of the leafy vegetables. It contains vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that can help your body get what it needs daily.

Is watercress harmful to your stomach?

In actuality, watercress can support gut health. It’s an excellent natural laxative for enhancing digestion and eliminating harmful pollutants.

We are in a new year, which signifies fresh starts and new aspirations for the future. Never forget that wealth is health. Make eating healthier and experimenting with various healthy leafy veggies a part of your goals.

How Should We Prepare Watercress?

Substitutes For Watercress

You can either cook or serve watercress raw. It frequently appears in salads and sandwiches, as I already indicated. Additionally, you can garnish soups with fresh watercress to improve their flavor. Otherwise, cooking up a simple plate of stir-fried watercress is not bad if you are too busy and still want something good.

What Are Watercress’ Health Advantages?

Watercress is the go-to vegetable for weight loss since it is abundant in nutrients but low in calories. Additionally, it contains a lot of vitamin C, which strengthens your immune system. One cup of watercress provides the recommended daily allowance of vitamin K, which is crucial for building stronger bones.


The alternatives to watercress listed above include their health advantages and recipes. Depending on your preferred flavor, you can choose a suitable replacement. You can create a new dish with a minor recipe modification as long as the ingredient does not harm you. It’s time to try to indulge your cooking enthusiasm.

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