13 Most Sought-after Southern Comfort Substitutes

Southern comfort is a beverage that is famous throughout the world, particularly in the US. This drink, which a bartender created in the 19th century, has a sweet, spicy, and distinctive flavor that you will never forget. Finding an alternative southern comfort food can be difficult because it has a unique flavor and scent.

Knob Creek makes the ideal Southern Comfort substitute. However, Wild Turkey and Maker’s Mark are excellent alternatives if you can’t locate this. While retaining their own characteristics, these spirits can capture the flavors of SoCo. 

The top 13 drinks that would be excellent substitutes for southern comfort are mentioned below. Find out which of our top thirteen reserves for southern comfort is best suited to replace it in recipes by reading this post’s discussion of the top ten alternatives.

Top 13 Southern Comfort Alternatives

The following are the most satisfactory Southern Comfort replacements based on taste and intended use:

First Maker’s Mark

13 Most Sought-after Southern Comfort Substitutes

In 1953, in the USA, Kentucky produced the first Maker’s Mark, a bourbon beverage made with whiskey. Maker’s Mark is the best beverage in the expert community.

The brewing procedure for Maker’s Mark typically takes two years a minimum and seven years a maximum. A Maker’s Mark is manufactured by hand, not through mass production; hence the quality is relatively high.

To sample Maker’s Mark, there are two options. First, try drinking it “neat,” defined as “drinking the wine directly without any added additions.” Direct pouring of the wine results in an instant flavor.

Let’s try serving it cold second. To appreciate the milder Maker’s Mark for individuals who find the ABV of the Maker’s Mark too much, we suggest first adding ice cubes to the glass before adding wine.


13 Most Sought-after Southern Comfort Substitutes

The most widely used substitute for Southern comfort food is Bulleit. Bulleit’s flavor and basis resemble southern comfort because it is a whiskey-based bourbon beverage, correct?

The Bulleit, specifically, has a sweet and smokey flavor. It has more sugar and is also richer when compared to the southern comfort.

Our astonishment at its mellow and oaky scent is immediately apparent after taking a drink. It gets sweeter and more honey-like as you consume more of it.

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However, one unique quality of the Bulleit is that despite having an extremely high ABV, we never experience throat heat from it. Amazing!

Knob Creek

13 Most Sought-after Southern Comfort Substitutes

Knob Creek is the most costly and upscale wine on the list compared to the other wines. Our knowledge indicates that it has a taste and perfume comparable to southern comfort: sweet but moderate.

The knob brook tastes relatively “neutral,” from our perspective. Despite a small amount of sweetness lingering on the tongue, it is minimal.

Use it neatly for the best possible experience of the knob creek taste. Less flavor is imparted with increased spice.

Amaro di Angostura

13 Most Sought-after Southern Comfort Substitutes

Amaro di Angostura is the suggestion that comes after that. Amaro di Angostura is undoubtedly a beverage from the Caribbean. You might be able to discern its origins, given that it has a Spanish name.

The Angostura is bitter and sweet in flavor, but the sweetness outweighs the bitterness. Apart from that, the drink’s earthy, racy aroma is what attracts people to it.

Just think about how wonderful it would be to sip on a cup of wine, tasting its sweetness with a hint of bitterness at the tip of the tongue, and taking in the peculiar, inviting aroma.

We think that the Amaro di Angostura is sweeter than the southern comfort.

Yukon Jack

13 Most Sought-after Southern Comfort Substitutes

A whiskey and honey-based wine produced in Canada is called Yukon Jack. The beverage offers a rich sweet flavor and fruity scent with unique components.

You don’t need to worry about the Yukon Jack’s alcohol content because it is essentially made by squeezing and crushing a variety of fruits, including grape, orange, lime, and more.

The sweet, fruit-flavored Yukon jack, which has a pleasant aroma, is a mild replacement for southern comfort food.

The Macallan

13 Most Sought-after Southern Comfort Substitutes

The Macallan is a premium wine that you should at least try once. It is made from malt, barley, and pure water and has been brewed in oak barrels for three years.

The production of this wine is renowned for being drawn out, meticulous, and challenging. The fermentation process must be exceedingly sanitary to produce the finished product, and all the ingredients used are of the highest caliber.

When it comes to flavor, the Macallan offers a unique blend of raisin, vanilla, honey, barley, malt, nutmeg, cinnamon, and green pine that makes for a truly enchanted beverage.

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Ole Smoky Moonshine

13 Most Sought-after Southern Comfort Substitutes

Our recommendation for you if you’re looking for southern comfort is Ole Smoky Moonshine or Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine. This alcoholic drink is incredibly light, unlike its moniker, “smoky,” which would make you envision a robust, bold wine.

For example, you will immediately notice the sweetness and smell of corn after taking your first sip. We believe it to be among the wines with the most excellent aromas we have ever tasted.

The traditional smokey moonshine with a maize flavor is our most acceptable option if we are new to the world of wine and have trouble with alcohol.


13 Most Sought-after Southern Comfort Substitutes

On this list, Macallan and Laphroaig are the only two wines with a vanilla sweetness that they both share. The Laphroaig, meanwhile, is more affordable, smokier, and oakier.

The smokey aroma fills the air as we take our first drink of Laphroaig. We will never forget the incredible and unexpected smell it has. The wine tastes bitter, spicy, salty, and other flavors when swallowing it.

The flavor of Laphroaig is a blend of cardamom, black pepper, spice, and vanilla with a hint of sweetness.

Jameson Whiskey

13 Most Sought-after Southern Comfort Substitutes

You can probably guess why we select it as a portion of southern comfort food and Yukon Jack replacement just from the name. This Jameson beverage is a southern comfort with a whiskey foundation.

It is sweet with a vanilla flavor upon the first sip, and there is a slight bitterness at the tip of the tongue. Because many individuals find the smell of alcohol offensive, the liqueur doesn’t have a particularly overpowering aroma.

We concur that it’s more common for people to drink Jameson whiskey “on the rock”—that is, with ice—and that’s how they prefer to consume it. It is preferable to blend this whiskey with others because there is no distinctive flavor when served neat.

Wild Turkey

13 Most Sought-after Southern Comfort Substitutes

Southern Comfort-like velvety smoothness is produced by Wild Turkey’s smoothness and depth of flavor. Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, began the spirit’s production in 1940.

Wild Turkey is a flexible spirit that blends well with several mixers, much like SoCo, making it ideal for cocktails. You’ll be glad to know that this alcohol tastes excellent poured over the rocks if you prefer to drink it straight.

Amaro Averna


13 Most Sought-after Southern Comfort Substitutes

An assortment of herbs and roots are used to create the bittersweet Italian liqueur known as Amaro Averna, which also has a caramel undertone. It’s an excellent option if you need anything to replace the sweetness in Southern Comfort. Amaro Averna is an excellent digestive aid in addition to having a delicious taste on the rocks or in cocktails.

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Each sip leaves lingering flavors of anise, citrus, juniper berries, myrtle, rosemary, and sage, giving the drink a spiciness reminiscent of SoCo. Cocktails require slightly less of an addition, but the aftertaste is about the same.



13 Most Sought-after Southern Comfort Substitutes

If you want a sweet bourbon, Drambuie, a Scotch whiskey liqueur, is an excellent alternative to Southern Comfort. A spicy flavor that quickly brings to mind Southern Comfort is there, along with robust Scotch and honey flavors. A smooth liqueur from Scotch that appeals to various tastes is made with herbs, spices, and heather honey.

Scotch that has been sweetened with honey, Drambuie is a pleasant beverage that can be consumed neat and has a wide range of uses. With the lingering sweetness of sugar in the background, subtle overtones of cardamom and vanilla emerge.

DIY Southern Comfort

13 Most Sought-after Southern Comfort Substitutes

Lastly, why not make the southern comfort yourself if you still think the other choices on the list are inappropriate? Yes, we mean that there aren’t any complicated steps involved in making the drink at home.

To start, gather a mixing cup, a fresh lime, sugar, and fig spread, 1/8 cup of bourbon, 1/8 cup of curacao, and each of the other liquors. After that, split the lime in half, juice the first half, and cut the second half into wedges.

Pour the prepared mixture of curacao, fig spread, lemon juice, and bourbon into a large mixing cup. If you prefer a sweeter flavor, season with a tablespoon of sugar. Following a thorough blending, add the lime wedges to the mixture. The homemade southern comfort is prepared for consumption.

The Bottom Line

The eleven southern comfort alternatives discussed in this essay have been expanded upon. We hope you can choose which one is the finest for your upcoming southern comfort-based drink after reading our introduction.

Have I been able to be of any use to you? Which beverage works best as a substitute for Southern Comfort Bourbon?

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